Alexia’s London: Supper May 8, 1876

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Supper for Today, 1876, in a London Townhouse

  • Green Pease Soup – green peas in butter with cabbage, cucumber, onions, and ham, in a veal broth, served with fried bread
  • Chump of veal – joint wrapped in cloth and boiled served with fried bacon and oyster sauce.
  • Fondue of Genyére cheese (since Cheshire is offered as a substitute I’m thinking the author means Gruyère) – speaking of which, I present to you, Gentle reader, The Great Cheese Info Site
  • Good Burgundy to accompany

Gail’s Daily Dose
Your Infusion of Cute:
Some picks from Newport News
Tiered floor length tiered, shantung, shirred, skirt 38″ long comes in black or white and great with a corset, and some black and white peep toe spectators.

Your Tisane of Smart:
The book Things a Lady Would Like to Know by Henry Southgate (public domain) is now offered through google! I use this book constantly for recipes, but also for research as it indicates seasonal food availability in 1876 London. It’s the origin of my posts and I know some of you at conventions have asked me for this recourse. I’m please to report it is now available in its entirety (565 pages) via pdf. Definitely worth the download.
Your Writerly Tinctures:
This month’s Locus is all about Urban Fantasy, interviewing everyone from Ginjer Buchanan to Kim Harrison.

CAKE in Space: Finished Draft 2.
Soulless: Awaiting ARC distribution.
Steampunk short: Out with Gamma.
Changeless: Gone poof. Starting to gather corrections.

Quote of the Day:
“You could take the romance out of any of my books and still have a book, with a plot and characters and things but if you took magic out the book would fall apart. That’s the big difference between the paranormal romance and urban fantasy.”
~ Patricia Briggs

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