Choosing an Outfit or How to Manipulate with Fashion

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Today, amongst other things, I’m packing for the BEA. I thought I’d give you, Gentle Reader, a peek into the machinations of my manipulative little mind so you could see why I pick the attire I pick.

Friday I’m on and off hosting tea at Orbit’s booth plus meeting various important people. I’m under starters orders from Alex to dress the part – as if there were any doubt. Here is what I chose to wear, followed by the far more interesting why I chose to wear it.

  • Red Dress – red is power color, it encourages trust and respect, this particular shade is also very strong – one that others rarely have the courage to wear, so it makes a girl stand out in a crowd.
  • Vintage Pearl Necklace (& earrings) – having interest close to the face, like a unique necklace or crazy earrings, gives people a good conversation opener “my, what a lovely necklace” thus making one more approachable, it’s good to remember that this goes both ways.
  • Octopus broach – see above, in addition this piece reflects on my book, Soulless is riddled with evil octopuses and there is an octopus on the spine of the book cover. It was a gift from the Best Dressed Press (my normal convention companion); Locus isn’t going to the BEA this year, but seeing the broach will make me feel like she is there, supporting me.

  • Cream Gloves – yes they add to the vintage look but if one is anticipating shaking a lot of hands gloves are also sanitary, keeps a girl from catching con crud.
  • Cream Hat – it is always a good idea to have a hat to hand, even if one doesn’t end up wearing it, there is always a chance hair will fall flat or misbehave, or that it will be cold. This is a great little vintage cloche that folds up small and travels well.
  • Cream Belt – matched accessories are the hallmark of the well-dressed woman, and in a pinch you have no idea how many uses a good belt has in any given situation.
  • Cream Clutch – I prefer a clutch or a small bag at a convention, good ease of mobility, and vital information is all in one place to grab if one is in a hurry. One can also gesticulate wildly with it.
  • Cream Stilettos – high heals aren’t practical but they make me feel good, this particular pair is Via Spiga vintage inspired and very detailed and surprisingly comfortable. Having interesting shoes is another great point of interest to get conversations going.
  • Red Flats – but the BEA is in a big venue, probably concrete, so I’m also bringing a cute pair of flats for distance walking. I have a great Vintage 1960’s American Tourister Tiara which will hold a pair of shoes in addition to other necessities, like back-up tea, touch-up makeup and snacks.

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My preferred method of transport is a matched set of this luggage – although I have the grey and black pinstripe rather than the black and red.
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Fire and water reveal new archaeological dating method
Your Writerly Tinctures:

CAKE in Space: Finished Draft 2.
Soulless: Awaiting ARC distribution.
Steampunk short: I should probably do something with this.
Changeless: Gone poof. Starting to gather corrections.
I know that hasn’t changed from yesterday. I’ve been crazy busy with no time to write. Long plane ride tomorrow I plan on barreling through several thousand words.

Quote of the Day:
“It’s only shallow people that do not judge by appearances.”
~ Oscar Wilde

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