Today, Fashion Talk ~ Hats & Muffs, Oh My!

I have lamented, or bragged, depending on how you look at it, Gentle Reader, about my shoe collecting abilities.

But I admit to also having a bit of a hat and glove habit. (They are so small and take up such little space, you see?) To date I have only owned one muff, which I made for myself to match a particular Victorian outfit. However, I was recently doing some research for Heartless and discovered that the wrist muff came into brief fashion in 1874. How cute is that idea? Only a few days later I encountered a wrist muff at a thrift store. How could I resist buying it?

There was a matching stole that I considered purchasing but resisted due to price. Not certain if I will regret this or not. But really, when has one ever looked at an outfit and thought, “Hum, what this needs is a brown fur stole”? Then again, who else but me would consider a wrist muff a necessary purchase?

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) there was also a big black puffy full-sized muff that was in perfect condition and looked like it started life as a very fat tribble. Again, I could not let such a gem escape my clutches. Goodness knows when I will use such a beastie, but it’s so cute.

(Because I, like many women I know, cannot resist a well styled muff. Ah cha cha.)

Lastly, I hit an unexpected hat sale and scooped up the following for a song . . .

You will see a few of these at OryCon, as I love wearing recent purchases.

Recent chat with the AB who wanted to know if I could suggest street style blogs that included men. Since he asked, I thought you, Gentle Reader, might also be interested. So I offer you . . .

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Even bigger SPOILER ALERT! Really, DON’T READ THE BLURB ON AMAZON if you haven’t read the other books first. Erika puts is better than I could (perhaps she’d like to write my book blurbs?). “Alexia Tarabotti is not having the best of times. She’s moved back in with her mother and sisters, an action that should warrant concern in itself, but the event motivating the change of venue is regrettably as unfortunate. Lord Maccon can’t stay sober long enough to oversee the Woolsey pack by himself leaving his beta, Professor Lyall, to deal with the mess; Lord Akeldama has flown the coop to parts unknown and taken almost every one of his vampires with him; Alexia is therefore faced with a disagreeable choice: stay home and suffer the tortures of the Misses Loontwills or travel to the continent with her small, but fierce band of friends in search of any clues that might explain her most inconvenient condition. To make matters worse, no matter where she goes, Alexia seems to be chased or ambushed with sundry characters wanting nothing more than to have her dead. In short: life as a preternatural continues as normal.”

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Quote of the Day:
The European starling was introduced to New York “because someone thought the city would be more cultured if Central park were home to each bird mentioned in Shakespeare.”
~ from Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us

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