Alexia’s London: Supper March 11, 1876

Supper for Today, 1876, in a London Townhouse

  • Winter pea soup made with beef broth and sweet herbs
  • Veal pie made with breast of veal, sweet meats, nutmeg, salt, clove, oysters, and ham inside puff pastry and served with veal and cream gravy
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Custard pudding – lemon-peel, nutmeg, and bitter almond custard inside a puff pastry served with melted butter

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  1. Joseph said:

    Mrs. Carriger, it's such an honor to be writing on your blog! I was at a Target store last week and saw your book (Etiquette & Espionage) … loved the cover, loved the description, purchased it and finished it the next day, I'm addicted! I've ordered the Parasol Protectorate series off of Amazon and am currently waiting its arrival.

    I am wondering ~ are you going to come back to the Palo Alto Library to do an event for Curtsies & Conspiracies, like you did for E&E?? I live in Cupertino, and when I saw you were in Palo Alto last month, I was completely bummed out!!!!!

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