Which Gail Carriger side character would you like to see star in their own story?

Blogger is super tetchy about embedding polls into a post, but I am very curious so I have widgeted in one in the side bar for you to take, if you would be so kind?

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I am contemplating future side scribbles, my dear Gentle Reader, and I figure who better to ask then you? Of course, I am a willful creature and one of the reasons for me to do side projects is so I can write whatever I feel like for once. So I may ignore you entirely in this matter. However, I still really want to know which side characters would you like to see get their own story? You can pick as many as you like.

I’ll leave the poll up for a month or so.

Also feel free to leave a comment bellow if I have left anyone out, or if you have more to say on the subject.

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  1. Fractal said:

    Thank goodness for multiple selections. I couldn't choose between Lyall and Biffy for the life of me. I would have also selected Lord Akeldama if he had been included.

  2. Unknown said:

    Akeldama or Ivy. We had a brief glimpse of her not being a featherhead in the later books, and it would be marvelous to hear more of her voice!

  3. April said:

    Soap for sure. Lord Akeldama. Viev and Dimity's brother – my tired brain can't come up with his name.

  4. Bridgitte I said:

    Can I just second ALL the comments so far? How 'bout this: you write a book of short stories for each saga, and I'll hand you my wallet.

  5. Stacy Lica said:

    I would like more on Lord Maccon's life before his werewolf metamorphosis, especially about his first wife and child. Also, I'd adore a short story explaining the hedgehog incident between Lord and Lady Maccon. I Have always wondered about the details of that backstory.

    Also, I'm very curious about Sidheag's life in between Finishing School & Parasol Protectorate.

    And the history between Lord Maccon and Madame Lefoux would be fascinating as well.

    Ahhhh! There are so many intriguing backstories that I find it impossible to choose just one. Hopefully that means many more wonderful stories to come 🙂

  6. Catalina Dudka said:

    Lord Akeldama is always my first choice. I would also love to see how things go for Felix. I'm betting after his adventures with Sorophina his heart & mind are at odds to his old loyalties to his father and the picklemen. This sort of journey would make for an intriguing tale.

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