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Latest News

Gail has returned from the UK, where she was delighted to pick up Patrick Hester's Hugo Award for Best Fancast (SF Signal podcast). All hail the bagel overlord.

Gail has posted some pictures of Sophronia's moors, inspiration behind the Finishing School location.

Reading Guide for Etiquette & Espionage is available to teachers, students, librarians, parents, and other interested parties.

Gail posted a list of 10 SF/F Books That Have Stuck With Her.

Speaking of books, Gail's monthly read along for September is Children of the Night by Mercedes Lackey.

Gail's next event is Convolution in Burlingame, CA. She will be there on Saturday September 27th only.

Will there be more manga?

Italian and Spanish editions of the Parasol Protectorate are unlikely to continue to be published for legal reasons.


Gail Carriger currently has three book series, all set in her whimsical steampunk meets urbane fantasy vision of the Victorian past.

The Parasol Protectorate Series

Beginning with Soulless, these five books chronicle the exploits of Alexia Tarabotti, a lady of considerable assets including large Scottish werewolf, battle-parasol, gossip, and treacle tart tenancies. Oh yes, and she has no soul. These book are all completed and released in the USA.

The Finishing School Series

Sophronia is secretly recruited to a finishing academy located in a giant caterpillar-like dirigible floating over Dartmoor in which young ladies are taught to . . . finish . . . everything . . . and everyone . . . as needed. Book the First, Etiquette & Espionage, released early 2013 with three more to follow.

The Custard Protocol Series

The British Empire is deflating, only Rue and her marauding team of outrageous miscreants in their high-tech dirigible, the Spotted Custard, are still charging about trying to fix things, loudly and mainly with tea. The first book, Prudence, is due to release on March 17, 2015!

Gail´s Short Stories

Audio Books

Obligatory Bio

New York Times Bestselling author Gail Carriger writes to cope with being raised in obscurity by an expatriate Brit and an incurable curmudgeon. She escaped small town life and inadvertently acquired several degrees in Higher Learning. Ms. Carriger then traveled the historic cities of Europe, subsisting entirely on biscuits secreted in her handbag. She resides in the Colonies, surrounded by fantastic shoes, where she insists on tea imported from London. Gail's books are published in over a dozen different languages and she received the Prix Julia Verlanger from French readers.


The Parasol Protectorate books are: Soulless, Changeless, Blameless, Heartless, and Timeless. Soulless won the ALA's Alex Award and has been turned into a graphic novel and optioned for TV. Her young adult Finishing School series begins with Etiquette & Espionage and follows the exploits of Sophronia, a young woman who discovers her dreaded lady's seminary is a great deal more than she thought. In the Custard Protocol series, beginning with Prudence, Rue and her crack (or possibly cracked) dirigible crew get into trouble around the Empire on behalf of queen, country, and tea. Gail also has a full cast audio production of her YA sci-fi Crudrat.

Gail Carriger

Ketchup: Tour, Signed W&W, Mailing List

My mind is full of many random interesting fizzles right now, Gentle Reader. This often happens when I am in the middle of an edit pass, I start to fantasize about all the stuff I would rather be doing. Not only writing other stories, but business projects related to being an author that I keep putting off. Like contests. I have too many books. I must disperse them unto you, my loyal peeps, in my favorite dance-monkey-dance style. (Chuck remind me of this by doing an Awkward Author Photo Contest at which I shake my tiny fist because it is such a good idea.)

In other news THANK YOU THANK YOU to all who pre-ordered the signed Waistcoats & Weaponry B&N special (now only $10). We made it to #6 on their teen customer favorite list. Isn't that the bee's knees? Thank you again.

Onward to the Ketchup!

First to address some social media teen angst.


Oh yes I am SO dramatically hormonally aware that the solitary current Chicago stop on my tour is listed as teen only. Gasp! I have three pings out to the library in question whining about WHY MUST THIS BE and ideas in to my publishing house with other options in the area. Even if the library will not relent, do not fret Gentle Reader, we will solve this situation. Experts are on the case. Rest assured that I will be somewhere signing something on Nov. 13, even if it is only me, in a tea house, alone, waggling a pen about and autographing the aether.

Bay Area! Texas! Pacific Northwest!

I will not be doing a tour for W&W in your area. I know, you are accustomed to my visiting ~ the sparkling wit, the pithy irreverent commentary, the refusal to read aloud, the banter, the whatnot. But the East Coast has never gotten a look in at all. They are pining. Pining for the fjords. Dead parrots. Ah hem. Where was I? Oh yes. So sorry: no Gail for you. At least not this time. Oh but wait? Is that? Oh, yes, it is? Prudence on the horizon. A chubby dotted ship floating just out of reach. March launch... so close... visits likely.

And oh, what's that I see? Your chain of (increasingly sloppy) signatures need not be broken! For you too can get a signed copy of Waistcoats & Weaponry anyway, on B&N. Though they are going fast.

Which brings me to: The Mailing List

This is your offical reminder that I have one. It is called the Monthly Chirrup. Here is where you can sign up:
(I hope it works coded into Blogspot, Livejournal, and Goodreads, if not you can do it on my website below the calling card option.)

If you choose to subscribe you get an email in your inbox once a month with my latest news, releases, updates, and events. Nothing more. I work hard to keep it clean, simple, and relevant. No clutter. However, I'm thinking of doing a give away to those signed up to the list. Don't worry, there will be other give aways. If you aren't actually interested in the newsletter, please don't bother. I have a 70% click through rate of which I am extremely proud. (I nearly typed "chick through rate" heh.) Which just means people are actually reading it, hooray! (Probably, mostly my mum.)

Thank you to those who have signed up, you are marvelous. Soon you may be randomly chosen for Cool Gail Related Stuff & Things.

Just what you always wanted, I'm sure ~ More Stuff & Things!

{What is Gail's Book Group reading for September? Children of the Night by Mercedes Lackey}


Your Moment of Parasol . . .
1895 Dinner Dress  1895  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
I question calling it a "dinner dress" when it comes with a parasol. Only Alexia woudl be so gauche.

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Soon, on a new podcast I will be rewatchign and talking about North & South, the movie, and how it has influenced me as an author.

Your Tisane of Smart . . .
Madame Bob Walter – A Notorious Arranger of Elopements 

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  

Prudence ~ Custard Protocol Book the First:   Releases March 17, 2015 now available for pre-order! Waiting on proofs.
Manners & Mutiny ~ The Finishing School Book the Last.    Release date November 2015. Not yet available for pre-order.

The Books! 

 The Finishing School Series: 1 Etiquette & Espionage, 2 Curtsies & Conspiracies, 3
Waistcoats & Weaponry (Coming November 4, 2014)
 The Custard Protocol Series: 1 Prudence (Coming March 17, 2015)
The Parasol Protectorate Series: 1 Soulless, 2 Changeless, 3 Blameless, 4 Heartless, 5 Timeless
Parasol Protectorate Series manga graphic novels
Soulless Vol. 1, Soulless Vol. 2, Soulless Vol. 3
 $0.99 short stories (ebook only) Marine Biology, My Sister's Song, & Fairy Debt; The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn't, the Mummy That Was, and the Cat in the Jar

Book News:
Fan Girl Nation by Jessica Greenleee says of E&E, “Take a boarding school story. Add a dollop of steampunk, a sprinkling of mystery, and a healthy helping of humor, and you have Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger. ...Carriger has a light touch, creating a mystery compelling enough to keep my attention while also making me laugh...”

Quote of the Day:
"Much inconvenience has been caused by the "sociable visiting" of determined coffee-drinkers. It is very easy to make green or black tea at a short notice—but not coffee."
~ The Ladies' Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners or, Miss Leslie's Behaviour Book
by Eliza Leslie (American 1864)

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