Alexia’s London: Supper Sept. 14, 1876

Supper for Today, 1876, in a London Townhouse Roast Boned Leg of Mutton – bone hole filled with minced veal and brown gravy Partridges – with gravy Vegetables – turnips cut into fanciful shapes, boiled in a weak broth, served with a white sauce and toast sippets Custard Pudding – made with cream , nutmeg, […]

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Where’s the print edition? The Mess Behind Self-Pub ~ Some Sad Hybrid Truths

Pre-order for Romancing the Werewolf will go live soon, Gentle Reader, and thus I anticipate being asked about the print edition. I’m going to state up front, Gentle Reader, one basic truth… if the book is long enough (novella or longer), I will always endeavor to publish a print edition for you. That said… I am no longer […]

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Gail Gets Real About The Chirrup (Her Newsletter)

My dear Gentle Reader, some of you may have noticed I’ve been (not so subtly) encouraging you to join my newsletter over the past few years. Why, Miss Gail, all this fuss about a newsletter? Because, frankly, I know you probably like your social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, blog feed, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterst) etc so […]

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Coop de Book Review ~ The Blue Sword

When people talk about The Blue Sword, Gentle Reader, they often feel compelled to mention The Hero and the Crown. These two books are intimately connected, although each stands alone (the one is a legend in the other). There are many out there who think The Hero and the Crown the better book. I genuinely like them […]

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Ketchup: Chirrup Changes, Goodreads & Fun Stuff

Through no fault of my own, August was a month of fixing and changing things. So here is a bit of a ketchup post for you, my dear Gentle Reader. Newsletter Switcheroo Many of you have been long time members of my newsletter, the Chirrup, as well as this blog (yes it’s different stuff). Well, […]

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Readers Ask the Questions, Miss Carriger Answers

Well hello Gentle Reader, I threw the door open to the Parasol Protectorate Fan Group recently. Basically, ask me anything, here’s what they wanted to know… Emily asks… How do you start your book writing process? For example, how do you go from a simple idea to….whatever your next step is. Notes, usually lots of […]

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