Visual Inspiration for Authors: Pinterest Character Boards & Connecting with Readers

I got into Pinterest in a big way last year, Gentle Reader, and yes I am aware of all the annoying things that keep people off Pinterest  ~ the closed and proprietary nature of the venue, the lack of organization and ability to cross pollinate, to name only a few. You know why I’m aware? Because those […]

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Video of Gail’s Most Recent Q&A

Welcome, Gentle reader! Here is the youtube video of the recent Q&A session I ran on Facebook Live. I’m reading the questions as they are posted in comments, that’s what there are occasional pauses while I make a funny face. Links vital to the video: Imprudence trade release. More about the release. More on the next […]

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Trade Release of Imprudence

Tomorrow the trade edition of Imprudence releases into the world! I’ll be doing a Facebook Live to celebrate on my Author Page at 1pm Pacific Time. For those of you who have been waiting patiently for this edition I’m pleased to say it’s available. Remember you can call Borderlands Books to get a signed copy (888.893.4008). I’ll even […]

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Facebook Live & Ketchup

My dearest Gentle Reader, I’m planning another Facebook Live, to say hello and chat on the release of Imprudence in trade. That will be next Tuesday, Feb 7, at 1pm Pacific time on my Facebook Author Page. I know it’s not an ideal time for many of you but due to a conflagration of events, that’s when I can […]

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Announcing the Next Custard Protocol Books!

I’m delighted to announce that I have sold the third and fourth Custard Protocol books to Orbit. The third book has a working title of Competence and I will be writing it for most of this year, 2017. I believe Orbit intends to publish it in 2018. So you have some time to get all caught up on the Custard Protocol series. […]

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