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Full Cast Audio in Extras

Crudrat is Gail’s YA sci-fi. It was produced as a full cast audio by Artistic Whispers Productions via Kickstarter and as such is ONLY available in audio

In the far future, in a space-port the size of a city, crudrats scrape out a meager living cleaning the great machines that convert dark energy into usable power. Only children can safely traverse the cramped tunnels, filled with mechanical perils – too tall or too broad, and they get caught on the blades and killed, or worse. Like rats, they scurry frenetically on their daily duty to clean the crud so their city can survive. They are disposed of when they grow too big to be useful.

Meet Maura. Orphan. Slave. Crudrat. Grown too tall, alone in a city with no use for her, doomed to starve. With only her crud-eating murmel and an alien monster to help her, she must find a way to survive, or escape, before they catch her and blow what’s left of her life, and her companions, out into space.

A young-adult adventure tale packed full of transhumanist dystopias, Gail Carriger’s Crudrat brings golden age-style science fiction into the 21st century, stuffs it full of heart, and gives it a finely polished, gleaming edge.

There was a limited run print edition and ebook produced and distributed exclusively for backers.

Note from the Authorbeast

Crudrat is intended to be the first of two books in the Wheel series. The second on, Cypher, exists only in outline form. I hope to write it eventually but it has a very strong voice, quite different from the Parasolverse and so it has to wait until I have a free block of time. (Years, most likely.)

I’ll wait to self-publish the first one until the second one is at least in rough draft form, because they go together. This way I avoid angry emails.

Praise for Crudrat

“Cravats, humour and kickassery are a given (it is Gail Carrier, after all). This time, Maura isn’t one of the upper crust. She isn’t anyone. It’s an interesting dynamic; the nastier side of human nature and classism are addressed. The world is creative and delightfully ridiculous, and the character dynamics fun.”

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