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Gail Carriger Invades Denmark, Some Thoughts

Posted by Gail Carriger

First, thank you all so much for your support of my new book, Romancing the Werewolf. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see people talk about it and show picture of it on ereaders all around the world.

And on that note…

I just returned from a trip to Denmark (I might have stealth visited another country, too). What a beautiful place! So clean and full of Danes with serious faces and towering cheekbones.

Here are 7 things that I learned about Denmark…

1. Denmark is a land of neutral clothing. Everyone wears black, grey, and navy. Accent colors are burgundy, army green, and blush pink. That’s it. No deviation. It’s easy to spot tourists because of this. Houses, however, are another matter.

2. Certain words are hilarious in Danish.

3. In fact, Danish itself is rather hilarious. And also rather mocked by other Europeans.

4. The Danes bike everywhere, at very high speeds.

5. In fact, it felt like, in Copenhagen, more people commuted by bike than by car.

6. Rufus Gifford, former Ambassador to Denmark under Obama, is most likely a Gail Carriger-style vampire. (Apparently he is much beloved by the Danes.)

7. I am reliably informed that Beta Readers in Denmark are called Shadow Readers. Isn’t that wonderful?

Found this lovely little SF/F bookstore in Copenhagen, stocked my books & new about the Locus awards! (Waves at Ditte.)

In other news…

I met my Danish translator at the book festival and she told me that Soulless was the hardest book she has ever had to translate. Which I took as a profound complement!

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In Other Travel News

I just might have started a podcast! (I know, but I love them soooooo much, I wanted to join the party.) It’s all about travel with my friend and fellow writer Piper J Drake.

It’s called 20 Minute Delay

And you can listen to a sample.

Coming soon to iTunes!

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