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Print of Romancing the Werewolf is Available Now!

Posted by Gail Carriger

Hello darling Gentle Reader,

As Chirrup readers already know the print edition of Romancing the Werewolf is now available!

Right now, it seems to be only on Amazon but it should be available everywhere else soon. Anywhere you got Romancing the InventorPoison or Protect | The Sumage Solution in print should ALSO have Romancing the Werewolf, or be able to get it.

So please go in and ask them to get it. It’s on Ingram. The Group on Facebook confirmed it.

This is also your opportunity to get The Curious Case of the Werewolf that Wasn’t, my Alessandro Tarabotti short story, in print, in a Gail-only book form. It’s included as an extra in this print edition of Romancing the Werewolf.

For those of you who are serious collectors…

YES Borderlands will have signed editions!

You can call (888.893.8203) or email (webmail@borderlands-books.com) them now to put in your orders.

Remember I will personalize them for you as well.


Did you want this release announcement sooner? New stuff goes to my Chirrup members first, because I love them bestest. Sign up here.

P.S. Badali introduced Sophronia’s bladed fan in multiple colors! Isn’t it amazing?

Coop de Book: Gail’s monthly read along for November is Romancing the Werewolf.


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Romancing the Werewolf ~ A Supernatural Society Novella by Gail Carriger is now available (audio will follow).

Gay reunion romance featuring your favorite reluctant werewolf dandy, the return of a certain quietly efficient Beta, and some unexpected holiday gifts.

Tiny Navajo Reads says:

“This has been one of my favorite novellas to date! Biffy and Lyall have come into themselves a bit more, they’ve had 20 years apart, with Biffy learning how to be a proper packleader, without a Beta there to help him keep the peace. Lyall has been Beta to the Highland Pack, seeking forgiveness for the atrocity he committed earlier in his life.”


  • Meat Cute ~ A Parasolverse Short
    Status: Rough draft complete. Layaway.
    Possible anchor short story for Secret Project A or SS collected/omnibus in 2018 or 2019.
  • TOC ~ San Andreas Shifters #2
    Status: Writing Rough draft.
    There’s a bartender with a mysterious ability and a big scruffy werewolf with a powerful crush. Gail is contemplating shifter food trucks ~ Do it raw! Sometimes we wiggle, sometimes the food does.


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Orderly, from the Parasol Drills series (N18) for Allen & Ginter Cigarettes Brands, 1888

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Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  

Q&A with Developmental Editor Sue Brown-Moore

Sue is my DE on most of my indie projects.

Book News:

Working on some action poses with the Finishing School ladies from ace-artemis-fanartist (of course)

Quote of the Day:

“The only way to atone for being occasionally a little over-dressed is by being always absolutely over-educated.”

~ Oscar Wilde

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Where’s the print edition? The Mess Behind Self-Pub ~ Some Sad Hybrid Truths (Occasional FAQ)

Posted by Gail Carriger

Pre-order for Romancing the Werewolf will go live soon, Gentle Reader, and thus I anticipate being asked about the print edition.

I’m going to state up front, Gentle Reader, one basic truth… if the book is long enough (novella or longer), I will always endeavor to publish a print edition for you. That said…

I am no longer promising to try and synchronise Print with Digital release dates.

I will bring out Romancing the Werewolf in print as soon as possible. It will be coupled with The Curious Case of the Werewolf that Wasn’t short story, as a little extra bonus for your patience.

Here’s Why Print Editions Are Delayed


  1. Lack of Print Pre-Order:
    There is no way to set up pre-order for print safely and without great financial risk. We can hope Amazon will fix that (and yes, with 75% of the market or more, I will be talking mainly about Amazon). If I want to workaround their prohibition on pre-ordering print, it takes too much time, effort, and TOS risk to make me comfortable.
  2. 3rd Party Scraping:
    In order to get print set to drop at the right time, I have to list the book with Createspace or IngramSpark and then take it off distribution. I know, getting technical, but it means that 3rd party scrapers find the book during the brief moment it’s offered wholesale. They then list it for sale, even though it isn’t (they just throttle shipping when you order from them) which brings us to…
  3. Buy Button Scammers:
    Since Amazon changed TOS there has a been a big scramble to steal buy buttons. I’m a prime target for this kind of thing as I work hard to promote my pre-order and get everyone excited. Then a 3rd party can basically steal all the print pre-sales from me by listing it before I do (see point #2) and charging extra. Readers think that’s my print pre-order, and then the 3rd party just pretends to ship even though they don’t have the book. (How to Avoid Scams While Shopping on Amazon?)
  4. BookBub Rejection:
    BookBub will not send out a new release notification to my followers if someone else (e.g. 3rd party scammers) lists the book as already published. What the scammers do is claim an early publication date, (in the case of my last book – a July release – they claimed May release). Then BookBub says they can’t post a new release about my new book, because the print book was “already out months ago” according to Amazon’s listing.
  5. Possible Copyright Issues:
    This TERRIFIES me. If someone else can claim my book released early, they can also try to claim my copyright. Fortunately, I have a  killer IP lawyer. Still, I’d rather not have to use him, because we are getting very expensive, all because the print edition. Which can’t make back that kind of money.
  6. Print Edition Sale Date:
    There is no way to schedule a strict on sale date for the print edition. You submit to Createspace, they say “available between 5-7 days,” and drop it 3 hours later. I’m not a gambler, I hate not being able to have everything planned.
  7. Price wars:
    Between 3rd party scammers, Ingram’s restriction, and Barnes & Noble all trying to claim market share on print books I can’t control the price of my book. Print is already a favor to the fans, I make very very little income on my print editions, and guess who loses out if someone decides to slash the price and Amazon decides to price match? Yeah… me.
  8. Vendors Don’t Care:
    Never make the mistake of thinking Amazon or any other vendor will do anything about any of this. They do not care about authors. They do not care about readers. They care about profit. They are a business. That is their business. So I must safeguard myself.

Finally, and here is where I get possibly too honest (but that’s ever an issue with me):

I can’t make enough money off print editions of my self-published books to make any of this worth my time. Self-pub print editions are less than 3% of my income.

They are, literally and figuratively, a luxury item that I produce for those of my readers who must have print editions.

Yes dahlink, I’m looking at you.

So where does that leave us?

  • Me, still trying to get the print to you as fast as possible but it will likely start to run a week to a month behind digital releases.
  • You, still writing me emails, comments, and such every time I publish a book and it isn’t instantly in print.
  • Me, directing you to this blog post. *waves*

Could be worse, you could not want it at all, right?

Or it could be audio, which always takes way longer than it should.

All that said, I will still try to continue to use Borderlands to pre-sell print editions. That, I believe, I can do simply because they are close enough to me that I can physically truck books over to them using BART. (See how much I love you? PHYSICAL LABOR on PUBLIC TRANSPORT!) So if you really want it, you’ll end up having to go through them.

Final Thoughts ~ Gail Bucks Tradition

Here is the thing, I come out of traditional publishing and putting all three editions out at once (digital, print, audio) is a traditional approach. It’s intended to make a run on the Lists. It helps with a broad reach. It does all sorts of important things. There is something admirable about it, no fan is left in the dust. But it is traditional.

I’m not that kind of person. You know I like manners and history, but tradition?

I’ve always been interested in experimenting with new things as an author. Jumping whole hog into something different. When my publisher calls me up and says, “Would you let us try…?” I almost always say “YES!”

That’s why I went hybrid in the first place.

That’s why my books are such weird mash-ups of so many different genres.

I don’t like to be in a category.

Nevertheless, I tried to do my self-published stuff the same way my publisher does my traditionally published stuff and…

…it doesn’t work.

I should have known that from the outset. Because not only it is not my style but the system is not set up for an individual author to fight that particular fight. Not even an author like me who has the most enthusiastic killer fabulous fans on the planet.

So I’ll be trying other ways going forward until I figure out what works best for me.

Unique, my dear! Unique.

One of the things I’m trying is occasionally throwing a short in with the print edition, to make it a little different from the digital, given print readers have to wait slightly. A perk of gratitude.

I hope you don’t mind being on this strange experimental journey with me.

As always, many hugs,

Miss Gail

Publishing Moves On. Do Readers?

{Coop de Book: Gail’s monthly read along for September is The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia McKillip.}


  • Meat Cute ~ A Parasolverse Short
    Status: Rough draft complete. Layaway.
    Possible anchor short story for Secret Project A or SS collected/omnibus in 2018 or 2019.
  • TOC ~ San Andreas Shifters #2
    Status: Writing Rough draft.
    The werewolves are back. There’s a bartender with a mysterious ability and a big scruffy man mountain with a powerful crush. The pack’s started a business called Heavy Lifting. Gail is contemplating shifter food trucks ~ Do it raw! Sometimes we wiggle, sometimes the food does.


The Sumage Solution: San Andreas Shifters #1 by G. L. Carriger, now in all editions.
Contemporary m/m paranormal romance featuring a snarky mage and a gruff werewolf. Hella raunchy. Super dirty. Very very fun. Spin off of Marine Biology.

Can a gentle werewolf heal the heart of a smart-mouthed mage?


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10 Steps to Making a Living as a Self-Published Fiction Author

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Why Does Microwaving Water Result in Such Lousy Tea?

Book News:

The Hat Tilt On My Cover Art

Reading My Collection says of Prudence:

“This book is ridiculous, wonderful and fantastic…. It was a delight reading the adventures of the grown up children of characters I came to love.”

Quote of the Day:

“When all else fails, dress beautifully and throw your food.”

~ Gail Carriger

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Gail’s Most Recent Video (Q&A with Gail Carriger)

Posted by Gail Carriger


Welcome, Gentle reader!

Here is the youtube video of the recent Q&A session I ran on Facebook Live.

I’m reading the questions as they are posted in comments, that’s what there are occasional pauses while I make a funny face.

Links vital to the video:

Also I talk about:

Authors/books mentioned & recommended:

{Gail’s monthly read along for Feb is Black Dog Blues by Rhys Ford.}



Romancing the Inventor

Romancing the Inventor: A Supernatural Society Novella

A steampunk lesbian romance featuring a maid bent on seducing a brilliant cross-dressing scientist who’s too brokenhearted to notice. Or is she?

Romancing the Inventor made this list of “Best Books of 2016: A Totally Arbitrary List


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Ephemeral Elegance @drapedinhistory Flower show and garden party dresses from May 1884

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8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year

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M. A. Kropp says of Prudence:

“Prudence is just as silly and wonderful as any of the original series.”

Book News:

Via Carina “I shield in the name of fashion. I accessorize for one and for all.”

Quote of the Day:

“After toasting, muffins should be crisp; crumpets, soft and woolly. It is like eating a bit of blanket soaked in butter.”

~ Victorian Etiquette

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Poison or Protect in Print at Last

Posted by Gail Carriger


Here she is!


The proof of Poison or Protect from Createspace


I know it seems like forever, but my goodness what a pain. It doesn’t help that yours truly is a horrible perfectionist, Gentle Reader.

What? You doubted that?

So, how can I buy it?

Right now?

Amazon.com (USA) & Amazon.ca (Canada) via Createspace

Supposedly (eventually) Amazon Europe (Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, and Amazon.es) but this is the ENGLISH LANGUAGE EDITION. This book is not translated.

PoPsquare Print

What about my local bookstore?

I am working on that, but that usually requires I use a different vendor: Ingram Spark. (Here’s a pretty good article on why, as a rule, bookstores do not stock Createspace books.) This could, in the end, be more costly than it’s worth (in order to get a bookstore to stock a book I need to opt in for returns which drastically kills my profit margin as a sole publisher, and could put me in the negatives with Ingram). I am going to try with this book, but we shall see.

Best way to get a bookstore to stock this book?

Ask for it.

Still don’t understand why this is all so complicated? (You and me both, honey.) Here is a two-part detailed discussion on Createspace vs Ingram Spark from a self-publisher standpoint via Giacomo.

Why did the print take so long?

For Createspace (Amazon)

  1. I had to wait a bit on the formatter (who was moving house).
  2. Then wait on the cover designer (who was moving house, couldn’t start the cover until the formatter was done, because we needed to know page number for the width of spine).
  3. All told, this delayed matters about a month.
  4. Then I had to put up all the content, get through the approval process (3 days).
  5. Then order the proof to be shipped (3 days).
  6. Then review the proof (3 days over the holiday weekend).
  7. Then submit for print (2 days).
  8. Then it took Amazon another day to link up the two editions.

And this is the faster, more efficient venue!

Meanwhile I also uploaded to Ingram, but they have a less familiar formatting system, and each stage of their process takes a few days longer. I’m still waiting on the proof and I paid for expedited shipping.


So the price?

Yeah $11.99 is really the best I could do.

Honestly, I won’t go into the nitty-gritty of it (I had to make a sum spreadsheet to get to the bottom line), but even with Createspace (with whom I make 2x what Ingram offers for each sale) I’m making less on the print editions than I would if I had my normal cut from a traditional publisher for one of my trad books. Plus having to allow returns? It’s brutal.

This industry is bonkers, people. Bonkers.

So I have priced this book as low as I could reasonably go and stay in the black, and I’m still not sure this is enough margin to for any indie bookstore to take a risk on stocking it, but we will find out. You are welcome to try. If you want to order this book, most bookstores should now be able to provide it on request. Please feel free to trot on up to the info counter and… see what they say. I have told those on my tour that this book exists. But frankly it was like pulling teeth to get many to stock the manga in the past, and that was all legit and schuff.

Let the great experiment commence!

On the bright side, I have seen a proof copy and it’s flipping beautiful. So long as that’s actually what gets distributed, this is a pretty pretty book.

Enjoy your dead tree paper meats, dahlings! Nom nom nom.


{Gail’s monthly read along for July is Poison or Protect by Gail Carriger.}


  • Romancing the Inventor ~ A Supernatural Society Novella
    Status: Developmental edit. Cover reveal and release date to come.
    LBGT romance featuring a parlormaid bent on seducing a certain cross-dressing inventor who is too brokenhearted to notice. Or is she?
  • Romancing the Werewolf ~ A Supernatural Society Novella
    Status: Outline.
    LBGT reunion romance featuring your favorite reluctant werewolf dandy, the return of a certain quietly efficient Beta, and a very unexpected gift.
  • Secret Project TSS ~ 16k of 80k
    Status: Rough draft.



Imprudence ~ Custard Protocol Book the Second

Rue and the crew of the Spotted Custard return from India with revelations that shake the foundations of England’s scientific community. Queen Victoria is not amused, the vampires are tetchy, and something is wrong with the local werewolf pack. To top it all off, Rue’s best friend Primrose keeps getting engaged to the most unacceptable military types.

Rue has family problems as well. Her vampire father is angry, her werewolf father is crazy, and her obstreperous mother is both. Worst of all, Rue’s beginning to suspect what they really are… is frightened.


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1865 Le Follet Date- Saturday, July 1, 1865 Item ID- v. 45, plate 10

Le Follet Date- Saturday, July 1, 1865 v. 45, plate 10

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on Twitter

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Masculine Fashion by James Tissot: Aristocrats (1865-1868)

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How Goodreads Can Help Writers Grow Their Readership

Book News:


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“My dear fellow, the truth isn’t quite the sort of thing one tells to a nice, sweet, refined girl.”

~ Oscar Wilde

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