Orbit Covers My Cover Uncovered, As It Were! Soulless The Parasol Protectorate

Orbit’s rocking art department, under the mighty hand of the lovely Lauren, blogs about my cover. Cover Launch: Soulless. “Soulless is a really fun debut novel from Gail Carriger and I love the cover we’ve been able to design for it.”
And here it is . . .

Note that lower down on the spine is a shadowy little coachman-hatted figure standing under a lamppost? That’s right, everyone’s favorite professor even got a little jacket time! I love that they paid such careful attention to the details. And I am beyond ecstatic about the octopus. Not just that it is an octopus but that the NUMBER OF THE BOOK is RIGHT THERE on the spine for all to see. So one can look at the series on ones bookshelf and know, instantly, which book is which. Yes!! Little OCD me couldn’t be happier with a feature like that.

My Thoughts
I’ve been living with the full cover for a while now, Gentle Reader, and I’ve grown to really like it. I love the background, and the fact that they managed some sneaky steampunk elements. At first I wasn’t sure about the pink, but it certainly pops and it does modernize the nostalgic feel, giving it a fun little punch. It turns out my friend Sarita was right, they did take a little inspiration from Marie Antoinette with a nod to pulp thrown in.

(Pulp from Poulpe Pulps.)

All in all, I feel it was a difficult book to cover, being urban fantasy, comedic, and steampunk plus appealing to the romance market, and I’m delighted with the end result. Here’s hoping it sells!

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Quote of the Day:
“Laugh out loud funny and refreshingly different, Soulless kept me turning pages well into the night. I enjoyed every minute of this wonderfully unexpected twist on paranormals.”
~ Angie Fox

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