Gail’s Convention Necessities Packing List

Gentle Reader, there have been Things Afoot. This last weekend was my final convention incognito, as it were. From here on out, and hopefully after BEA, I should be Recognizable as Gail. Still, it would appear I am already adapting to life as a professional writer since I spent the majority of this last convention at the bar.

It begins.

Having just returned from one event, I am already squirreling about packing for the next. I depart inexcusably early on Thursday morning, which leaves only two days to coordinate such necessities as hair appointments and visits to the nail salon.

I must say I have no idea how chronic wanderers like Mr. Jay Lake cope with constant travel. Then again I suspect he does so with far fewer pairs of shoes, and less frequent visits to said nail salon. Of course, I am not unused to globetrotting, I am simply accustomed to doing so for considerably longer stretches of time. The beauty of being an archaeologist is one goes to a foreign destination – and then stays there until exhausted by it. The Armenian Lovers are very tolerant of my travel idiosyncrasies and are even providing ground transportation at 4 AM. This may be one of the finest definitions of True Love.

Tomorrow, I thought I would pontificate on clothing choices for meeting ones Adoring Public, but today I give you a peek into Gail’s Convention Necessities Packing List.

Ta da!

  • Emergency tea bags (6) – in case hotel does not respect tea as it ought
  • Emergency marmite (2) – in case hotel does not respect breakfast as it ought
  • Tiny Tabasco sauce – just in case
  • Olympus Digital Voice Recorder – for emergency podcasting purposes
  • Pen (gold) & tiny pad of paper (green)
  • Small sewing kit – vintage dresses require constant vigilance
  • Blister Band-Aids & shoe inserts – feet wearing stilettos also require maintenance
  • Makeup & perfume – because I take being presentable seriously
  • Emergency kit – includes a USB flash drive, 8 bobby pins, 3 Advil, backup lipstick & gold eye shadow – odd what I consider “emergency”
  • Digital camera – which I probably won’t use but I always lug around anyway
  • Other vitals – hair fixer, curl clips, curling iron, toiletries, glasses, invitations, reservation tickets, ankle braces, retractable badge clip & ear plugs

I am in deep contemplation over logic of bringing computer on this particular trip. One there, it looks like I’ll be rather busy with little time to write but there is a very long plane ride. However, my battery is on a slow decline and I only get an hour or so out of it these days. (Why, oh why, has apple not yet given me my iPhone + robot arm + projected keyboard?)

Gail’s Daily Dose
Your Infusion of Cute:
Gnomes infiltrate RHS Chelsea Flower Show
Your Tisane of Smart:
Photos from the Cassini-Huyeens Mission to Saturn and its moons, all are in the public domain.

Your Writerly Tinctures:
Nothing to report because, very annoyingly, no one turned up for the SFWA meeting. Grumble.

CAKE in Space: Finished Draft 2, with agent.
Soulless: Awaiting ARC distribution.
Steampunk short: I should probably do something with this.
Changeless: Gone poof. Starting to gather corrections.

Quote of the Day:
“A man’s sole is in peril when his feet are hurting.”
~ Tad Williams


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