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I have finally returned from a peaceful jaunt out into the wilds of coastal California where I enjoyed a week of lumpy mattresses, tea, and much writing. I dragged Chris Lester of the Metamor City Podcast along with me, I thought a week of watching all 6 foot plus of him cope with a Tee Morris-sized (read: hobbit) living environment might keep me entertained. (Answer, yes it did. Fancy that.) But the real joy of lounging about with another writer for long hours on end is discussing world-building concepts. Ah the immense detail that never ever makes it into any book, but nevertheless simply must be figured out in its entirety, usually late at night after consumption of inebriatory beverages. Any author’s sanity depends upon such all-inclusive understanding of their imaginary universe, and any book’s consistency dissolves without it. The reader will know if the author doesn’t know her own world, and so the author must know everything. Having to talk about, and defend, one’s imaginary universe has the benefit of forcing one to face down any evil gaps or flaws. Much good has been done for my cohesiveness as a writer by a friend or fellow author who looked me straight on and uttered those fateful three words: “Yes, but how?”

I have just had seven days of “Yes, but how?”s and think I can faithfully say that I, if no one else, perfectly understand the order and chaos of my little corner of the Victorian universe. Within the story? Well, Alexia’s not doing so well, and Lord Maccon, poor man, is entirely befuddled. Lyall may figure things out, and Lord Akeldama probably knows more about it than I do, but the point is, I know enough to make sense of it all, and (insert dramatic pause here) Book the Third has . . . an . . . ending.

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Quote of the Day:
“Giving up creativity for immortality? I don’t know if it’s worth it.”
“That would be the question.”
“So what exactly is the soul in your world?”
“That would be the other question.”
~ Self & Chris solving the problems of my universe


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