Writing: Top 5 Likes & Top 5 Dislikes of Being an Author by Gail Carriger (Important for Writers)

Some Things I Love About Writing

  • Editing ~ no really, it’s my favorite part
  • Ellipses ~ nuff said
  • The Oxford comma ~ beautiful, elegant, tidy, and necessary
  • Action scenes & snappy dialogue
  • Being god

Some Things I Hate About Writing

  • Double-spaced formatting ~ never type it, hate converting it, not enough information on the screen at one time
  • Double spaces after a period ~ just annoying
  • The semi colon ~ it’s not its fault that no one knows how to apply it (speaking of it’s & its…)
  • Nookie scenes & romance
  • Realizing that god makes far too many consistency errors

Quote of the Day:
“Life is what happens to a writer between drafts.”
~ Dennis R. Miller


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