Warning, Trope Breaking Ahead, Proceed with Caution (Important for Writers)

I have a terrible confession to make, Gentle Reader, I like to break tropes. And if you have read Soulless and are regarding this statement with a jaundice eye, I remind you now, there are more books to come. Sometimes I need to build up momentum before I drop the axe. But really I love to do it. I love setting up expected situations and character profiles and then ruthlessly chipping away and fracturing them into tiny little pieces. It’s so much fun ~ leaving the reader in a kind of philosophical chaos.

I wouldn’t say that by nature I’m a rule breaking kind of person, and don’t worry, I’ll never do something too drastic. But you have all been warned. And before you ask, no I’m not going to reveal which tropes will be broken – that would be telling, now wouldn’t it?

Quote of the Day:
“I mean, seriously, how much more work could I get done if all I had to do was lie back and think of Athens…?”
~ [info]yuki_onna


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