7 Best Things Said About Soulless So Far (The Parasol Protectorate)

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Because I was asked to do this recently for an interview, I present you, Gentle Reader, with a moment of shameless self-promotion. Gail’s pick for the 7 best things said (publicly) so far about Soulless.

1. “Laugh out loud funny and refreshingly different, Soulless kept me turning pages well into the night.”
~ Angie Fox (She gave me my cover blurb.)

2. “The Parasol Protectorate presents what is perhaps the most original twist on vampire and werewolf mythology to ever appear in the genre.”
~ Robert William Berg (He gave me probably my best review ever. I was overcome when I read it. I kept checking over my shoulder to see if he was in the room. My Mom wouldn’t believe me that he wasn’t one of my best friends or betas in disguise, it was as though he knew the book that well.)

3. “This book is something special, a paean to and gentle satire of the Victorian delight with frivolity, witty to the end.”
~ JD Sawyer

4. “It’s as fun as it looks, I promise you, and I love that this feels like something new.”
~ Janice Y.

5. “I wanted to pick it up as soon as possible whenever I had to put it down.”
~ Janicu

6. “I fell quickly into comfort with the writers style and pace, caring about the characters by the end of the 2nd page.”
~ Donna Ricci

7. “No one ever explains the octopuses, but that’s part of its charm.”
~ smartygirl

People have been so amazingly kind so far about my little book. I will simply add that fan mail from librarians always touches me deeply.

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