Rituals in Writing & Traveling

This may come a profound shock to you, Gentle Reader, but I’m a pretty ritualistic person.

No, not shocked?

It seems I share this with most writers. The little patterns of action that remind one it is time to write. (Well, except for maybe Jay Lake. I bet he could be in a helicopter flying over an exploding volcano and not even glance up from his laptop.) I wonder if this mild OCD is symptomatic of the introverted nature of author-dom. Then I wonder if it is more an aspect of being an archaeologist.

I do get around, and out of the country, more than most Americans and whenever I come home I have little rituals that get me back into being home, and over the jet lag. These are exaggerated versions of my writerly rituals. I get home, take a shower, unpack, do laundry, stay awake all day, eats some sort of salad (usually I’m in a non-potable water area where I can’t eat greens), delete stuff from the tivo, drink a lot of tea, clean the house, and then . . . In N’ Out Burger. And I’m really not a junk food person. But until I have that double double animal style I don’t feel like I’m home.

I’m curious. Anyone else like this?

Oh, and regarding my recent scary attacking torso blog. Apparently we’re moving on to the men.

Gail’s Daily Dose
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Your Writerly Tinctures:
Ken Scholes interview over on Adventures in SciFi Publishing. (Partly my fault re: phone chatting a couple months ago. Self, “When you going to do that AISFP interview?” Ken, “Oh, right, I should do that.” Self, “You think?”)

CAKE in Space: With agent.
Soulless: Look interwebs I got a red star (PW review)! Weeee!
* Soulless Gail Carriger. Orbit, $7.99 (384p) ISBN 978-0-316-05663-2
Carriger debuts brilliantly with a blend of Victorian romance, screwball comedy of manners and alternate history. Prickly, stubborn 25-year-old bluestocking Alexia Tarabotti is patently unmarriageable, and not just because she’s large-nosed and swarthy. She’s also soulless, an oddity and a secret even in a 19th-century London that mostly accepts and integrates werewolf packs, vampire hives and ghosts. The only man who notices her is brash Lord Conall Maccon, a Scottish Alpha werewolf and government official, and (of course) they dislike each other intensely. After Alexia kills a vampire with her parasol at a party—how vulgar!—she and Conall must work together to solve a supernatural mystery that grows quite steampunkishly gruesome. Well-drawn secondary characters round out the story, most notably Lord Akeldama, Alexia’s outrageous, italic-wielding gay best vampire friend. This intoxicatingly witty parody will appeal to a wide cross-section of romance, fantasy and steampunk fans. (Oct.)
Changeless: Awaiting copyedit. Release date currently April 2010.
Blameless: Gone off to betas.

Quote of the Day:
“In-N-Out Burger is the most secretive of the American fast food chains – the Freemasons of the burger world.”
~ blogadilla


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