Vampires & Werewolf Types in Changeless (Parasol Protectorate Special Extras)

I have decided, Gentle Reader, in my infinite wisdom that one can pretty much divide the world into werewolves and vampires. And no, you don’t get to pick which you are, you just are.

You see last night I was mooching about casting my book as a movie for a blog and I was trying to figure out what actor could possibly play Lord Maccon – who’s a werewolf. One of the thespians I ruminated over was Clive Owen, a personal favorite of mine, but I had to reject him on the grounds of overly vampire.

This made me realize that too much urbane, too much of that way of holding the head, or the look of “tasty neck” in the eye, and there was no way the actor could be a werewolf. And it holds true in the other direction. There is a certain large-jawed scruffiness to someone like Sean Bean, which says “I could only play a werewolf” and there is nothing to be done about it.

I’m thinking this theory can be applied to myself and the people I know as well. My parents, for example, definately werewolves. I sense a quiz in the making.

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Your Infusion of Cute:
For some reason I can’t explain I’m becoming increasingly attracted to this layered look. I’m also loving this sweater and this hugely expensive Alexander McQueen suit.

Your Tisane of Smart:
The difference between a coach and a fly

Your Writerly Tinctures:
Gail Hewitt’s summation of the discussion of author privacy on the internet is very good. Can be used as a laundry list for what to provide on an author website (in addition to all the regular website necessities). I suppose I should double check my website to make sure it is all on there.
1. Pub dates for upcoming books – kept current
2. Extracts from books – I’ll have to get permission from Orbit
3. Reading order for writer’s related books in series
4. Author blog
5. Calendar of upcoming author book-related events – kept current
6. Author Interviews for books, addressing influences and process employed
7. Author General Discussion regarding basic writing process, how writer became a writer, and any writing tips writer may have
8. Context material on author: occupational and educational background; and minimal, very general personal info unless personal life informs writing in a significant way and so justifies more attention. (I think what Gail Carriger said re this says it all: “If you wouldn’t say it to some stranger face-to-face in the supermarket check-out line, don’t post it on the internet.”)
9. Author photo or avatar

CAKE in Space: With agent.
Soulless:And Poisoned Rationality gave Soulless a warmish reception.
Changeless: Awaiting copyedit. Release date currently April 2010.
Blameless: Gone off to betas.

Quote of the Day:
“You know, all writers are vampires and they’ll look around and they watch you when you’re not even thinking they’re watching you and they’ll slip stuff in.”
~ James Gandolfini

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