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Since I’m running close to the deadline on those copy edits – and you all want Book the Second on time, now don’t you? – I’m delighted to report that I’m being interviewed today by Katiebabs over on Babbling About Books. Here’s a sample:

KB: Lord Maccon, who is an alpha werewolf, is also very important to Soulless. What type of man would you say he is? What are his feelings towards Alexia?
Gail: Lord Maccon is large and bumbling and used to getting his own way. He’s only recently been integrated into London society and is still experiencing difficulty adapting, no one is quite sure if this is because he’s a werewolf or because he’s Scottish. I’ve described him in the past as the kind of man who would probably rip out your throat, if he could just remember what that other thing was he wanted to do first. He hates to wear cravats and sings very bad opera in the bathtub.

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Your Writerly Tinctures:
Lucienne Diver’s Keynote speech on publishing paradigms.

CAKE in Space: With agent.
Soulless: There are rumors going around the net about a Jan 2010 Brit release. I’ve asked my house about it. Will let you know when I do.
Changeless: Working on copyedit. Release date currently April 2010.
Blameless: Gone off to betas.

Quote of the Day:
“You mean there really are ladies who steer the punt from the Cambridge end?”
~ Lost in Austen

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