Returned from the Wilds of Cleveland

The thing I always forget about the Midwest (and, yes, Gentle Reader, I do think of Ohio as the Midwest) is how incredibly nice everyone is. Old fashioned politeness to strangers still holds fast in that part of the world and I miss that. I had a lovely time at the GLiBA Tradeshow, particularly hanging out with my escort from Literary Life Bookstore (Grand Rapids, MI) and the Hachette Sales Rep (who’d kind of been designated to keep an eye on the interloping writer). Being a man consummate in the fine art of taming the wild author beast he first took me out and stuffed me silly with Vietnamese food (yes, in Cleveland!) and then, after the festivities, got me tipsy on Greyhounds. Fantastic! After which I meandered to my bed and slept like the dead. (Odd phrase that, I mean, technically the dead can’t sleep. Well, unless they’re undead, anyway . . .)

The next morning, my dear friend Cyrus and his lovely lady whisked me away from the hotel and off to breakfast and then – because why not? – cupcakes! Then they drove me all the way to the airport; see what I mean about incredibly nice? Checking into Hopkins is a walk in the park compared to SFO so I was rather early for my flight. Extra time occasioned a mad hunt for tea, always a delicate business in this part of the world. I finally sourced a cafe several concourses down, the result being an unexpectedly excellent cupa.

The return flights were crowded and filled with chatty seatmates (back to the kindness of Midwestern strangers thing). Great excitement on the first leg of the flight as our teeny tiny plain A.) had no overhead space (picture self and baggage handlers tug-o-warring over my bag containing the laptop – never threaten a writer with removal of her laptop – they eventually allowed me to transfer important computer stuff into a plastic bag and carry with) and, B.) had no lavatory. A two-hour flight with no loo. Now for those out there with iron bladders this is no great thing, but for the rest of us poor mortals . . .

In other news, the adorable David J. Williams talks about when we first met, way way back when. And Tee Morris about when we met less way back.

Quote of the Day:
“Writing is a crummy profession, but a good hobby.”
~ Paavo Haavikko


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