Big Fat Contest Winners & Interview

Interview and review over on Elitist Book Reviews by my friend Nick. He’s an adorable putz, who asks some rather off-beat questions. Such as:

In continuing our habit of asking authors to throw humility to the wayside, we would like to invite you cast off the shackles of humility and tell us why you’re fantastic.

Sigh. Impossible child.

But I am sure you are here, Gentle Reader, to learn about the 5 contest winners!

Here is what I did, I assigned everyone a number based on their actual entry (as opposed to some other form of comment) once received and filed in my email (comments were auto forwarded) from both blogs (LJ & blogspot) and a few direct email entries. I numbered these sequentially by date, oldest to youngest, then wrote numbers on raffle tickets (because I’m the kind of person that just happens to have these lying around) and pulled five from a hat.

The numbers were: (drum roll please) . . .

  • 2: xd0nn4x
  • 12: goodwinsgal
  • 26: Hope (paper relics)
  • 49: Perla
  • 62: babbleprise

The winners have been contacted via email for the necessary information required for further action. Book 2 ARCs are not yet printed, but they are first on my list for when they come in, don’t worry.

Thanks to everyone who participated, I promise there will be more cool contests in future!

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