Ketchup ~ Guest Blogging, Podcast Interview, & a Halloween Tweetup

Today one of my favorite guest blogs so far has gone live, Gentle Reader, in which I describe to Dani Kollin my experience first seeing my book on a shelf. Here’s a sample:

A day or so later I was out shopping with a couple of girlfriends, as you do. We were consuming those Vietnamese beverages with the black tapioca in them, affectionately referred to by me as “Drinks with Stuff!” This process, three shopping females plus drinkies, involves much chittering and slurping and sideways perambulations. And thus engaged, we wandered by a Borders.
“Ooo,” says I, “can we go in and see if they have my book?”

Podcast Interview up at Writing Habits. Poor Adam was really dedicated to this interview, he called me all the way from England and was sick at the time. He’s an utter doll and I had a lovely time chatting with him, as you can probably tell from the interview. Why are podcasters so cool?

Speaking of which, there’s going to be some kind of massive podcaster tweetup get together Thingy the Monday after Halloween weekend here in the South Bay, because both Pip and Tee are in town for World Fantasy plus the resident mess of Dan and Chris, and possibly Sigler and others of fame and standing. I, horrible little fan-girl hanger-on that I am, will be there too, only late after classes. If you are a podcaster or are a listener, you should try to come for the event…
Katie Bloom’s Irish Pub in Campbell, CA
Mon, Nov 2, evening (prob 7-7:30ish)

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CAKE in Space: Back from agent, but now I don’t have time for it.
Waiting for Fairies gives me 4.5 stars. “Soulless is a head-whirling blend of paranormal romance, steampunk, urban fantasy, mystery and adventure. It’s not a vampire story. Or a werewolf story. Or a love story. It’s not a scientific adventure or a murder mystery. It is all these things – while gently poking fun at all of them – and I firmly believe that without all of these elements the story would not work.”
SPOILER ALERT! Amazon has posted Changeless cover along with blurb. Blurb gives bits of Soulless away so don’t read if you haven’t read the first book!
Blameless: Now back with many edits & freaking me out.

Quote of the Day:
“When my horse is running good, I don’t stop to give him sugar.”
~ William Faulkner

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  1. Donna Gambale said:

    Great guest post! If I don't get published in five years, I'll probably start that "mad plague of crooks" and sign books willy-nilly all over the place! ("John Green is my pen name, I swear.")

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