How to Throw a Soulless High Tea ~ Inebriating Beverages (Special Extras)

So my book launch party occurs next Saturday, Gentle Reader.

It’s a Victorian High Tea at World Fantasy on Halloween night (you see my reasoning?). Since that is mostly what is occupying my thoughts these days, you get the dubious pleasure of electronically watching the madness.

1. First on the agenda: select staff. In my case this involved calling in the big guns: my proxy Armenian lover (a professional bartender) and a brew-master of my acquaintance. Doesn’t hurt that both of them are very easy on the eyes.
2. Negotiate with said bartender over the acceptability of plastic glasses. No he cannot actually light anything on fire.
3. Come up with a list of drinks – well, you know, aside from tea.
4. Insist on Baileys, Advocate, Sheridan’s, and Amaretto – because they are the only things I can think of that taste good in tea.
5. Come up with the following Soulless booze menu:

  • Red Coat – gin + cranberry
  • Silver Bullet – gin + tonic + triple sec
  • Wooden Stake – rum + orange + cranberry
  • Ivy’s Hat – blue c + grenadine + white rum + soda + lime + maraschino cherry
  • Pink Slurp – blood (Blackberry Cordial) & champagne
  • Deadly Parasol – gin + rum + grenadine + cranberry + tiny parasol

Rest briefly on laurels, or should that be, float briefly on fumes?

Quote of the Day:
“The first thing in the human personality that dissolves in alcohol is dignity.”
~ Author Unknown

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  1. worldofhiglet said:

    Daaaarling! That sounds like a divine menu of cocktails!

    And the Deadly Parasol is probably all that and more after the third glass. Do keep us informed on how the drinks (and the yummy help) are received.

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