World Fantasy 2009, San Jose ~ Thursday October 29, 2009 Launching Soulless

So much to tell about World Fantasy. Usually, I try to blog during a con but this one hit me broadside. I spent the days madly editing the Third Book and the evenings swanning about the parties. I shall try to relay all relevant details, so much as my brain, fogged with four days of booze, minimal sleep, and small talk can recall. Please be patient with me, I’m not as young as I once was.

Wednesday morning I scooped up the lovely Ken Scholes from the airport. He landed early and shamed me by working on his book before I even got there (we both had #3 due at World Fantasy) ~ an industrious gentleman our Mr. Scholes. We headed off for breakfast and then hit the shopping big time ~ I had a massive list for the party on Saturday. Ken, I would just like to say, in a booze-finding machine.

We returned around tea time, changed, switched cars, and headed into San Francisco early for the Borderlands authorfest signing. “Early” because I was afraid there would be Bay Bridge fall out. The fall out happened to be that no one else was driving in that part of SF, so we arrived very early. Valencia Street was playing host not only to our little event but to a TV shoot and a suicide attempt. It was swarming with constabulary. (Not because of the SF/F authors mind you. Can you just picture that? Oh no! Borderlands will be lousy with fantasy authors ~ quick call the SFPD!) We consumed some delightful Thai food and then joined the madness of multiple authors and wine. I stuck a tiny drinks parasol in my hair and it was all downhill from there.

Next morning I hit the keypad and finished the third book, emailed it off to my editor without a final proof. (Very, very risky given my spelling propensities). Then headed in for a TV interview with Kimball Johnson of Pixel Media for a possible program. Francesca Myman from Locus and the infamous Jeff VanderMeer met me, we signed obscure paperwork, and then sat and chatted in front of cameras. After that I caffeinated myself at the bar and met first Travis Heermann & then John Grace of Brilliance Audio. John distinguished himself as my first pro fan! Unfortunately, I had to dash off to Blake’s reading, after which he and I meandered around together gossiping.

Bar seemed slammed and so I nipped home to eat, watch Project Runway, and change, because one pair of stilettos was paining me and I needed a different pair, which meant had to alter the whole outfit to match. I returned to the convention with all intentions of hitting the party floor, only to run into the rowdy Jabberwocky crowd at the bar (Eddie may just possibly be the most adorable agent in NY). Briefly met Brent Weeks (more on that good gentleman later), got stalled there talking to Peter V. Brett, and ended up being harassed by the Coast Guard.

Look at me, I’m hating life.

Escaped evil clutches of Jabberwocky for the party floor, where Blake and I made the rounds and finished the evening sitting on the couch in the Con Suite with two TOR editors at our feet ~ can’t ask more than that.

Quote of the Day:

“There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people in California who couldn’t write.”

~ Terry Pratchett


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