Divorcing the Tivo

The modern age has given us a whole new set of things that must be separated and negotiated when one is moving, Gentle Reader. For example: in the divorce it’s not simply “who gets the cat” it’s “who gets the roomba.”

Then there’s Separation of Tivo. My housemates and I did share TV preferences in some things, like Dr. Who, CSI, So You Think You Can Dance, Dollhouse, Daily Show, Big Bang Theory, & House but I did feel it politic of me to delete the “mine only” items.

  • Project Runway
  • Top Chef
  • CSI
  • Chuck
  • Mad Men
  • Masterpiece Theatre
  • Glee
  • Fashion Police
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Chopped*

There should be an online handler for this. You know, so one can dial up one’s list, store it, and then dial it back down at a different Tivo/DVR. Look at me inventing something for the tech-heads to come up with. (Of course, it could already exist I’m just to inept to find it.) Now do that and my robot arm phone/pod/reader combo with the beamable keyboard and I’ll finally be at peace with technology.)

I also had to make the decision to let some shows go. It’s like dating, a few of us are just not working out. Merlin and Arthur are clearly never going to get together, despite the sexual tension between them, so I deleted Merlin. I just can’t stand watching that kind of unrequited lust anymore. Supernatural also got the ax, not enough shirtlessness recently, and I just can’t get behind the whole angel thing.

Unfortunately for me, I am now going to The Land Without Tivo. I shall have to learn how to download stuff online or something. It’s very stressful. I will miss my little TV programs on demand. But I suppose this will give me a chance to get caught up on The Guild finally.

* Yes, I am perfectly well aware of the fact that this list indicates, without a doubt, that I am, in fact, a gay man.

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“My theory is that if Arthur does not already suspect that Merlin is a warlock by the end of the season, he almost certainly suspects that Merlin has an enormous crush on him.”
~ Madeleine Mitchell

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