Gail Carriger’s 13 New Year Goals

I prefer “goals” to “resolutions,” don’t you, Gentle Reader? Seems less formal.

So here are some thoughts/goals/and prospective appearances for 2010.

1. Books. I’d like to write a new book over the next few months. Something for me, that I really just want to play with.
2. Edits. I’ve got the revisions for CAKE from my agent. I need to go over those and see if I really want to break into that universe (YA SF) or not.
3. Shorts. I’ve had a few requests. It’s been a while but I should dust of my brevity and see if I still have the chops for short story writing.
4. Email. I’ve been lax about responding to emails and interview requests and other things. I allowed myself too much slack over the holidays must be more diligent.
5. Website. See above. There are a few tedious changes I need to implement, like links to the books I recommend on the steampunk page and such.
6. Event. The Steampunk Expo is in March. I’ll be on panels and I hope to have a few new outfits ready.
7. Changeless comes out in April. I have to make sure all my contest winners get their copies, and also do what I can to get books to the reviewers and individuals who have been so kind and helpful to me with Soulless.
8. I have readings, signings and conventions for April and May, some scheduled, some still to schedule.
9. I’m back on the excavation in August.
10. Event. I’m flying to Australia for WorldCon in September and staying there for a month or so.
11. Within that madness Blameless comes out. I won’t be around to shepherd this third book as much, I’m hoping people enjoy Changeless enough to jump on Blameless in the same year.
12. October I’m hoping to go to Orycon.
13. Then it’s right back around to the holidays.

2009 was a pretty good year for me, aside from some personal life wobbly bits. Here’s hoping 2010 is just as much fun. It’s starting out well so far.

Soulless is making the occasional appearance about the blogosphere on 2009 favorites lists. I am so excited and honored.


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