io9 Meetup

The io9 thingy at the new Borderlands Cafe last night was a blast. There was a pretty massive turn out and general good will and conversation was had by all.

I got to meet the lovely Nicole Peeler in person, she slightly jetlagged and me slightly hyper. This resulted me unintentionally insulting her shoes, but it all worked out well in the end as we the proceeded to mutually mock (in no particular order) our editor, our students, and Shreveport. I got to meet her childhood friend, she got to meet two of my favorite people. I sampled some truly excellent tea: custom blend lose leaf, in a proper teapot. J. Daniel Sawyer pronounced his iced tea (plebeian beverage!) very nice indeed, before upending the bulk of his glass onto the coffee table. I leaped to save a most adorable green handbag (because I have priorities) and much hilarity ensued.

We left the party to wander about, and despite its new found hipster nature, Valencia seems to shut down around 10. We skulked into a fantastic vegetarian eatery just before it closed, Herbivore, and then wandered about aimlessly for a bit. I spent the drive home ruminating over gifting the new cafe with a mirror (for the bathroom) and a couple of tea cozies. (Do you think this might be considered autocratic of me?)


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