An Ode to the Survival Guide from Gail Carriger

At the dawn of podcasting (for me) I discovered Tee Morris’s The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy. I mainlined it the first 20 episodes while I was excavating in Peru. It was strange thing to hear Tee shouting at me while I contemplated child sacrifice, alpaca decorated bowls, and the consumption of guinea pig. This was just after I’d sold the first book in the Parasol Protectorate series and Tee taught me many, many things. He is single-handedly responsible for my general online presence, obsession with good headshots, and love of twitter. Tee’s episode on book signings and presskits was my model for the presskit page of my website.

It is difficult to imagine where I would be now without this podcast, probably a lot more confused by the whole publication process, probably a lot les web savvy. Tee produced the Survival Guide out of altruism and love of writing, and I’m not sure how aware he is of how many he helped along the way. But he did.

So the Survival Guide has ended leaving me behind a better professional. I shall miss it sorely. But like some kind of (small, hairy) fairy godmother Tee was there for me when I needed him most, and has done his best to improve my career one barked command at a time.

If you are an aspiring or recently published writer I can’t emphasize enough how valuable this podcast is. Go, listened to it now, before it goes entirely poddark.

Some of my other favorite writing podcasts

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  1. gentlewomanthief said:

    Thank you so much for this… I am something of a podcast virgin, so I will be listening to these most attentively (whilst contemplating the insertion of zips and finishing of seams – slightly less exotic, I'm afraid!).

  2. gentlewomanthief said:

    I am afraid I'm a woman of multiple bents (a wannabe Renaissance woman, perhaps?) – writing fantasy is my main one, craftiness is my relaxation one. Thank you – Threadbanger looks great (I'm loving their logo already!).

    While I'm here – thanks also for a thoroughly enjoyable book. I might have to dust off my book reviewing pen especially.

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