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I’ve been bopping about a few steampunk discussions recently, Gentle Reader. Over on Erotic Horizons I’m being quoted in a blog, and I had a blast participating in the Romance Diva’s Steampunk Workshop forum. Some really great discussions got going there.

In conjunction, I’ve also done a massive overhaul on my steampunk reading list.

Also had a recent interview over on SFF Chat. Here’s a sample:
SFF: After finishing Soulless, I went over to visit your website where I discovered that in addition to writing you are also an archeologist, a field that I have always been fascinated with. Can you tell me a bit about your archeological work? How has your background in archeology influenced your writing?
GC: I have an MS in materials archaeology with a focus on inorganics, and an MA in anthropology with a focus on ceramic artifact analysis. Which means that while I have some field experience I’ve spent most of my time in the laboratory sticking artifacts into very expensive instruments that go “beep.” Read more…

The SF Examiner talks Alex Awards.

My agent gets interviewed.

I’m launching several new projects this month and preparing for the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition, which is why I have been so scatty about blogging, and delayed in answering emails. I apologize, but it is necessary. I’m instituting a firm policy of no social media on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, just FYI I will not be available at all online on those days (or on the weekends).

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