In The Beginning There Was Confusion (Important for Writers)

I am beginning a number of projects right now, Gentle Reader. I’m not afraid of the blank page, in fact, I kind of like it. There are so many possibilities. But, that said, this is still an odd time for me as a writer, I always feel a little spacey and scattered when I’m starting projects. And beginning four projects at once? You can well imagine, the zombies have eaten my brains.

What the start looks like.

This absent-minded-professor-ness ends up trickling into my everyday life. I nearly left the house this morning in my fuzzy slippers, not a great look paired with a pencil skirt and pattern tights. I keep making tea, leaving it somewhere, and forgetting about it. Then I have to trail around the house looking for abandoned tea mugs, and spend long moments staring sadly down at the now undrinkable cold beverage. Terrible loss of perfectly good tea. I also wake up in the middle of the night with strokes of brilliance, which, upon assessment in the cold (gray, rainy) light of day, turn out to be rather less brilliant.

Normally this goes on for only a week or so, but with four new projects, I have a sinking feeling this period will last longer than usual. I wonder if I shall survive it? I’ll certainly run out of tea at this rate. And I probably shouldn’t be driving.

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