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Precision vs. accuracy in the scientific world (i.e. my world) =
Precision: Reproducibility, check by repeating measurements, poor precision results from poor technique
Accuracy: Correctness, check by using a different method, poor accuracy results from procedural or equipment flaws

Commonly Misused Latin Expressions
e.g. = exemplii gratia =”example given” or: for example
etc. = et cetera = “and other [things]” or: the like (refers to THINGS)
et al. = et alii = “and others” or: the others (most commonly refers to PEOPLE). It can also stand for et alia, “and other things” or et alibi, “and other places”
i.e. = id est = “that is” or: in other words
q.e.d. = quod erat demonstrandum = “which was to be demonstrated” often used with mathematical or philosophical proofs shown to be self evident
stet = Latin for “let it stand” not an abbreviation
viz. = videlicet = “see” or: namely (often refers to an author, as in a work or idea cited, rather than to an object as referred to when using i.e.)

Quote of the Day:
“Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”
~ Plato


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