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In line with my recent rant on proper dress I thought I would talk for a moment to the men out there. Yes, you, Gentle Reader. It seems to me that men (who have fewer choices) are most likely to cop out where fashion is concerned. Some men have a particular fear of “looking too gay.” Well, I ran across these images recently and if one entirely ignores the Hugh Jackman element, let us look, for a moment, at the style, and I shall try to break down, for you, why it works.

Both these looks do something I like: they mix the expected with the unexpected. The most commonly seen variant of this juxtaposition is a nice pair of jeans, a rock t-shirt, and a suit jacked or blazer. The above images are different takes on the same general concept: AKA the very casual mixed with the very dressy. First, what doesn’t work. The scuffed shoes and the hole in the t-shirt. Now, what does. Tough military-ish jacket mixed with a casual white T-shirt paired with very formal pants. It’s a simple concept – like reaching into three different wardrobes. Too much military and you look like you’re shipping out, too much casual and you look like a slob, too much formal and you’re walking the red carpet. But a little of each? Perfect! You can take this concept and apply it in many different ways. Here’s another photo shoot with some inovative styles for men.

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Loving this recent Threadbanger on how to make a Pill box hat.
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Bunch of information has come up recently on the fascinating Mrs. Mary Delany, particularly interesting segment on BBC’s Woman’s Hour.
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Blake’s book tour. Self may be turning up now and again.

Mostly Fiction says, “If you like humor with your vampires, ghosts in your alternate history, spinsters with superpowers in your period fiction, or werewolves in your romantic comedy, Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate) is just what you’re looking for.”
SPOILER ALERT! Amazon and Powell’s have posted Changeless cover along with blurb. Blurb gives end of Soulless away so don’t read if you haven’t read the first book.
Blameless: Copy edits done. In the immortal words of John Malkovich it is now “beyond my control.”

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“A true warrior, like tea, shows his strength in hot water.”
~ Chinese proverb

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