Contest Winners!

My thanks to all of you who chose to play my three little games, particularly those who took the time and effort (and bother) to enter the Podcasters Payback Contest.

With that said, here are the winners of the three Changeless Contests: (I used a random number generator to pick.)

  • Podcaster Payback: Emerian
  • Podcaster Payback runner up: [info]miakodagirl
  • Facebook group: Iaisha
  • Twitter: Fail

(Sadly I didn’t reach my goal of 1874 followers for the third contest, so I decided to give that book as a runner up prize to one of those who entered the Podcaster Contest. That was by far the most difficult of the three to enter, and some people went to a lot of effort.)

I’m keeping the twitter contest running. When I hit 1874, depending on when that is, I’ll come up with some kind of random prize for my followers at that point.

Quote of the Day:
From Twitter: “Always tea before assassinations.”
~ @hayleyelavik (unwittingly my mother has blended my writing with @gailcarriger’s)


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