Happy Bookday to Me! Changeless hits the world today! The Parasol Protectorate

There was a long time there when I thought I would never turn one book year old, it is amazing to me that I have now turned two!

When my best friend and I were newly minted SFWA Associates (with barely qualifying short stories under our belts and much wide-eyed-innocence) we were introduced to our local SFWA chapter as the “new babies.” At which the Phrannish said, rather proudly, in front of everyone, “Goo!”

So, as I am now two, I too will say “Goo!” unto you all.

When I originally wrote Soulless I did it as a kind of lark. Frustrated by lack of traction with the Unsellable Blightness of Being, I thought,

“I will break all the rules with this next book because I no longer care.”

When an editor wanted to buy Soulless (yes, out of the slush pile!), I was thrilled but also terribly confused, because they wanted it as a series. I had written a very tidy stand alone. The Soulless you have read is far different from the original I completed just under three years ago. It’s 20,000 words longer, for a start, and has threads of a series wound into it, as well as additional steampunkish elements.

Those threads were there to give Changeless legs. And because I was under contract, and paranoid about deadlines, I instantly started on the second book. I found Changeless much easier to write. Perhaps because I was more comfortable with the world. Perhaps because I had given myself a fun mystery-esk story line. Perhaps because the weight of selling was off my mind. Regardless, I am delighted to welcome her into the world. My new baby. May she make us all proud.

And now, I want my tea.

Quote of the Day:

“The first chapter sells the book. The last chapter sells the next book.”

~ Mickey Spillane

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  1. Jessica Kennedy said:

    You deserve that cup o' tea!

    Received my copy today. Will be reading it soon. I was going to stop reading what I'm on now but I'm afraid I won't pick it up again so I'm going to power through as fast as I can.

    Hugs and congrats!

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