Happy Bookday to Me! Changeless hits the world today!

CHANGELESS Book CoverThere was a long time there when I thought I would never turn one book year old, it is amazing to me that I have now turned two!

When my best friend and I were newly minted SFWA Associates (with barely qualifying short stories under our belts and much wide-eyed-innocence) we were introduced to our local SFWA chapter as the “new babies.” At which the Phrannish said, rather proudly, in front of everyone, “Goo!”

So, as I am now two, I too will say “Goo!” unto you all.

When I originally wrote Soulless I did it as a kind of lark. Frustrated by lack of traction with the Unsellable Blightness of Being, I thought, “I will break all the rules with this next book because I no longer care.” When an editor wanted to buy Soulless (yes, out of the slush pile!), I was thrilled but also terribly confused, because they wanted it as a series. I had written a very tidy stand alone. The Soulless you have read is far different from the original I completed just under three years ago. It’s 20,000 words longer, for a start, and has threads of a series wound into it, as well as additional steampunkish elements.

Those threads were there to give Changeless legs. And because I was under contract, and paranoid about deadlines, I instantly started on the second book. I found Changeless much easier to write. Perhaps because I was more comfortable with the world. Perhaps because I had given myself a fun mystery-esk story line. Perhaps because the weight of selling was off my mind. Regardless, I am delighted to welcome her into the world. My new baby. May she make us all proud.

And now, I want my tea.

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Geek Chic says, “So, all in all, it was a good and fun book. It kept me interested with the plot and the characters were intriguing.”
SPOILER ALERT! Changeless blurb gives away ending of Soulless.
Even bigger SPOILER ALERT! Really, DON’T READ THE BLURB ON AMAZON if you haven’t read the other books first.
Super Secret Project H: Submitted to agent.
Super Secret Project F: Completed first three chapters. Under revision next week, then to betas, then it’s proposal time!
CAKE in Space: Trunked for the moment.
Short article done, turned in, and VanderMeer’s have announced the table of contents.
Not-so-secret fiction short: Working on draft. (For the The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2.)

Quote of the Day:
“The first chapter sells the book. The last chapter sells the next book.”
~ Mickey Spillane

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  1. Jessica Kennedy said:

    You deserve that cup o' tea!

    Received my copy today. Will be reading it soon. I was going to stop reading what I'm on now but I'm afraid I won't pick it up again so I'm going to power through as fast as I can.

    Hugs and congrats!

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