BaltiCon44 Day 1 ~ Friday


Traveled to BaltiCon in the very fine company of Mr. J. Daniel Sawyer. We awoke at the highly uncivilized hour of 4:30 AM to catch the first leg of our flight. This one landed us in Long Beach, the airport a surreal love child of a construction site and a trailer park. Long Beach spat us back up into the air on the long haul to Washington, Dulles. A painless fight, for JetBlue provided not just leg room but satellite TV, and in my sleep-deprived state I actually managed to be entertained by the likes of Cash Cab. Of this, I am ashamed. One shuttle, one rental car, and two hours drive later and we had arrived.

This was my very first time at BaltiCon. And, upon first glance, is seemed not at all unlike my own local convention, BayCon. Similar size, similar attire (or lack there-of). There were key differences in programming, cosplay, and party behavior but mostly it was like some kind of weird reunion with doppelgangers from my past who were almost but not quite exactly unlike people I already knew but had never met. Dan and I descended during opening ceremonies at which I learned that I had, in fact, lost the Compton Crook award to one Paolo Bacigalupi (shakes tiny fists in Paolo’s direction). I immediately ran into Mike Cole (who happens to possess the best guns in author-dum), received requisite hug, and was much improved from the slings and arrows of travel by the application of both.

Hotel proved itself to be highly incontinently laid out (oops – forgive my Ivy moment, I mean to say, inconveniently) and I was to spend the next three days walking all the way around the outside in order to get to my room because otherwise I couldn’t find it. Not that I object to walking, but in 4 inch stilettos, and 80% humidity? The room was old, cramped, and lacking in a refrigerator, but clean, air-conditioned, and the beds were comfortable.

Dan dashed off to his first panel and I descended to . . . the bar. Shocking, I know. There I liaised with Mike and the JABberwocky posse, got to meet Mighty Mur in person for the very first time, and by degrees various other people of coolness including Laura Anne Gilman. We poodled about, eventually ending up at the scotch party, where Mike drank very bad whiskey and everyone else drank very good scotch. Back down to the bar and Peter showed up (New York Times Bestselling Author Mr. Peter V. Brett I should say!) finally having escaped his authorial obligations. At some point in the evening – and I can’t remember because, well, it was a bar people – we scooped up Mr. Uniboob AKA Mr. Bag-of-doughnuts AKA Paolo Bacigalupi himself (shakes tiny fists of fury). The gossip commenced. And continued.

That, Gentle Reader, was only Day 1.

Round Up:
Cups of tea: 3
Untweetable comments: 19
Fangirl moments: 1
Pairs of shoes: 1
Maryland crab consumed: 0 (insert obligatory sad face here)

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Quote of the Day:
“BBC: The unwritten constitution offers few rules.
John Stewart: Wait, what? Unwritten? Unwritten! You country’s been around, what, and couple of thousand years? And you never got around to writing down your constitution? [phony British accent] Well, it’s a gentleman’s agreement, I, oh, we thought writing it on paper would be vulgar. We just whisper it to each other while we’re in the loo.”
~ Daily Show


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