BaltiCon Day 2 ~ Saturday & an Announcement

I’ve been told I can finally confirm rumors. There will indeed be two more Parasol Protectorate books, Heartless and Timeless (as the Parasol Protectorate facebook group members found out yesterday).

The official PW announcement reads as follows:
New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger’s fourth and fifth novels in the Alexia Tarabotti Parasol Protectorate series, again to Devi Pillai at Orbit, in a good deal by Kristin Nelson at Nelson Literary Agency (World)

Also my Tor.Com interview has dropped. Here is a sample:
Jason Henninger: A lot of interviews with you don’t really get into the archeological side of your life. I’d like to know more about that. And, you specialize in ceramics? How did that come about?
Gail Carriger: I fell into it, as you do. Most people in archeology find their specialties in strange and unique ways.
This is a transcription of a phone itnerview, which is why it reads a little odd.

And now back to BaltiCon44 Day 2, Saturday

After an unfortunately brief amount of sleep I awoke to my first full day of the convention. With an early panel at 10 AM I hauled my very sorry arse down to the breakfast buffet and managed an absolutely delicious omelet made with real eggs and real vegetables. I was entirely unaware that they possessed such things in Baltimore.

What I wore Saturday:

For those of you who very kindly asked, the dress is a 1954 vintage taffeta from Blue Moon in Santa Cruz and the shoes are Miz Moos. Sadly, this was the little red bag’s last trip as the zipper died the good death and I am now on the hunt for a vintage replacement. But, dahling, reds are so very hard to match. Oops, sorry, distracted by fashion, how gauche, back to BaltiCon . . .

My first panel was Necromancers in Folklore, it was remarkably well attended for the subject matter and the time. Most of us felt as though we had, indeed, risen from the dead. As I result I remember very little except that my fellow panelists were fabulous (Paolo managed to show up) and the audience asked some extremely intelligent questions. I, not writing about necromancers in the modern sense of the word, relied on my archaeological background. I also got to meet Gail Z. Martin, fellow Orbit author who had interviewed me for her podcast.

Paolo and I wafted about the dealers room eventually escaping his handler for the greenroom, tea, and some nice intellectual debate. What? Well, it does happen sometimes. Paolo pipped off and I investigated the Liars panel, which was charmingly akin to tall tales about the campfire with old friends.

My next panel was Why Do They DO That? a roundtable discussion about authors who break realism. I had thought it would turn into a bitching session but instead it delved into research practices and building three dimensional worlds. I moderated and Peat, Mike, and Paolo all turned up to make my life difficult. I rewarded them by dragging them back to the greenroom for food and gossip before I had yet another panel. We discussed highly inappropriate subjects.

I was almost late to the Live Metamor City Reading my first dabbling in the new media track. I’m doing a minor character voice for Chris Lester‘s next work and he asked me to jump in for this one too, writing me in as a blond bombshell in a red dress with certain reptilian tendencies. All of which, were, in fact, lies. Except possibly for the reptilian part.

I scooped up the Jabberwocky contingent and dragged them to the buffet for dinner, which was much better than it should have been. I kept thinking I had another panel and then thinking I didn’t, which amused the boys, (well, we all have our neuroses and mine is punctuality). Turned out I didn’t. We went off to a big book launch party so I could introduce Mike to David J. Williams (warning, sound on website) an old friend from the con circuit. Had time only to perform the requisite social niceties before I had to dash off to my reading.

They’d scheduled me opposite the masquerade so I was pretty certain no one would show up, shockingly, the little room was quite full. I was even recorded for the BaltiCon Podcast. I read two short pieces out of Changeless to much appreciative hilarity (people on the East Cast are very kind) and then had the recording device turned off so I could Talk About Stuff. We have, previously in this blog, addressed how much I dislike coyness and how necessary plausible deniability is to a professional author. This means, irony of ironies, authors can’t put certain things in writing on the interwebs. However, if you come to one of my readings . . .

I spent the remainder of the night swanking about with the usual suspects, an occasion that saw us closing out the bar, and then witnessed Paolo, Mur, Dan, and I up until the very wee hours courting chocolate martinis.

Round Up:
Cups of tea: 5
Untweetable comments: 234 (did you miss the part with the chocolate martini?)
Fangirl moments: 4
Pairs of shoes: 2
Maryland crab consumed: 0 (insert obligatory sad face here again)

Gail’s Daily Dose
Your Infusion of Cute:
Ha ha ha ha
Your Tisane of Smart:
Copper clue may solve mystery of doomed Victorian Arctic expedition
Your Writerly Tinctures:
Literary Agent humor.

Penelope goes euphoric,

“I am still smiling with happiness, and I fell asleep last night with my Kindle in my arms. Dreaming about werewolves.”

Margaret says,

“Like Soulless, Gail manages to mix steampunk inventors, vampires and werewolves, and real history well blended with her alternate timeline to offer a wonderful read. Only this time, she dips into archeology and takes us beyond the limits of London. As well as a mystery to solve and life changing discoveries, Alexia also learns more about her current family and the father who left her behind.”

Quote of the Day:

“It’s chaos back there . . . cream is going unclotted, tea is being taken at 2:15! 2:15 John!”

~ Daily Show’s Senior British Person, John Oliver


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