BaltiCon44 Day 4 ~ Monday

Monday was mostly a day of goodbyes and good talk. Business cards and compliments were exchanged, and much to my delight my last hotel meal consisted of a rather excellent crab cake and two very good cups of tea.

What I wore Monday:

We milled about in the lobby chatting and taking photos, the whole socialization covered by that kind of haz that can only come from too little sleep combined with too much talk and a diet that might very well give a goat pause. I had enjoyed my panel with Brant Gamblin but it wasn’t until yesterday I realized I was in the company of genius. If you haven’t checked out Calls for Cthulhu, why ever not?

Dan and I, paranoid about traffic, left early for our flight and, in classic style, hit absolutely no traffic whatsoever. We returned the car without hassle, checked in in seconds, and made it through security with no line what so ever. This spat us out the other end with over three hours to kill, a time frame then conveniently extended by a delayed flight. Ah, the laws of travel, one will always end up spending more time at an airport than you like, or less than you need. The flight back, on Virgin America, contained half the seat room of JetBlue and a PA operator who was under the mistaken impression we were at a rock concert. Screaming child then proved this to be a heavy metal rock concert. But, I did mange to complete these blog posts.

Round Up:
Cups of tea: 2
Untweetable comments: 0 (no alcohol in play)
Fangirl moments: 4
Pairs of shoes: 1
Maryland crab consumed: 1!

Final BaltiCon Talley:
Cups of tea: 16
Business cards collected: 11 plus 1 sicker
Untweetable comments: 266
Fangirl moments: 10
Gail late: 4
Unexpected podcasters: 1
Unblogable arguments: 3 – all with Peat
Pairs of shoes: 6
Blisters: 0 (AMAZING!)
Maryland crab: 1 crab cake, yeah me!

Giles’s first, he says,

“In the space of a few pages, she draws the reader in with charming Victorian wit and clues them in to the rules of a society where vampires and werewolves walk openly among the people.”

Books for Life says,

“The book is funny, giggles promised! The language is witty, the manners are excellent. The plot is interesting, I the reader do not know who to trust or what is going on. There is romance, and hot werewolves, with a sprinkle of some very proper vampires.”

Quote of the Day:

Howard blogs about meeting me, I blog about meeting Howard – oooh, spooky.


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