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First off, thanks to everyone for your overwhelming response to my ebook poll. I haven’t the time to reply to all the comments, but I have scanned through all of the over 80 replies with increasing interest. In the end, I have come to almost no conclusions what-so-ever. But, boy it sure is fascinating stuff.

My own plans for a ebook reader, Gentle Reader, are as follows. I will buy one when there is some kind of cross platform option. I don’t like buying in to a format or into a dedicated devise. There is a chance I will get a reader when I get some other useful little multi-devise, a very sophisticated smart phone or the like. But since I am an noted technophobe that may be a long time in coming. And no, I am not considering the iPad or the iPhone, I don’t like their app business model nor their censorship policies.

I don’t have a set blog for today, Gentle Reader, had a long weekend away and Book IV is calling my name. I also have in house copy to produce and eight book reviews due at the end of the week. So here are some photos from the fashion file. I love this kind of thing, clothing as modern art. I don’t have the figure to wear it at all, but I do love it.

I shall leave you with the following thought: everything is better with kazoos except small children.

Quote of the Day:
“Stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. But not necessarily in that order.”
~ Robert Silverberg

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