Lord Akeldama’s House Design Board (Parasol Protectorate Special Extras)

Gentle Reader, here’s a little collage of certain images and interiors that made me think of Lord Akeldama’s house. As the Parasol Protectorate series progresses, and entirely without my intent, we spend more and more time in Lord Akeldama’s house. Mostly Alexia visits his famous drawing room but other areas will eventually appear as well. I guess I just can’t help myself, it’s a lifetime of Jewish gilt. OK, that was low, but sometimes Girl’s Just Wanna Have Pun.

Right, I’ll stop now. Here’s pretty pictures to assuage your anger.

From Soulless:

Everything was to the height of style, if one were thinking in terms of style round about a hundred years ago. Lord Akeldama possessed real, substantial wealth, and was not afraid to display it openly. Nothing in his home was substandard, or faux, or imitation, and all of it was well beyond the pale. The carpets were not Persian, but instead vibrant flower-ridden images of shepherds seducing shepherdesses under intense blue skies. Were those puffy white clouds? Yes they were. The arched ceiling of the entrance hall was actually frescoed like the Sistine Chapel, only Lord Akeldama’s ceiling depicted cheeky looking cherubs up to nefarious activities. Alexia blushed. All kinds of nefarious activities. She turned her eyes hurriedly back down. Small Corinthian columns stood proudly all around, supporting marble statues of naked male gods that Miss Tarabotti had no doubt were authentically ancient Greek in origin.

The vampire led her through to his drawing room. It contained none of the style clutter but instead harkened back to a time before the French Revolution. The furniture was all white or gilded gold, upholstered in cream and gold striped brocade, and riddled with fringe and tassels. Heavy layers of gold velvet curtains shielded the windows, and the plush rug on the floor sported yet another proximitious shepherding event. Lord Akeldama’s had only two nods to modern life. The first was evident in the fact that the room was well lit, with multiple gas lamps no less, elaborate candelabras appearing to be only for decorative purposes. The second facet of modernity took the form of a gilded pipe with multiple joints, mounted on the mantle.

Quote of the Day:

“Everything that doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. And later on you can use it in some story.”

~ Tapani Bagge

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