Alexia Tarabotti on the Silver Screen ~ Casting Soulless the Choice is Yours! (Parasol Protectorate Special Extras)

Alexia on the Silver Screen: The Choice is Yours!

I liked this poll thing so much I decided to do it again, Gentle Reader. This time it’s the Who Should Play Alexia poll. In a hypothetical film based on Soulless which will, of course, make me tons of money and allow me to buy my dream loft full of breezy decorations and beautiful furniture,

where I throw fabulous (and very well-dressed) cocktail parties and write in peace and harmony for the rest of my days, who do you think should be playing the main character of Alexia Tarabotti?

Now remember: Alexia is statuesque, curvy, of Italian extraction, slightly beaky, with a dominating personality, and a very posh British accent. She is described as tan, but that is by Victorian vampire-influenced standards, so a mild olive complexion should do nicely. She is also described as having a wide mouth, brown eyes, and dark wavy/curly hair.


So Which Actress Do You Think Should Play Alexia?

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Alex Kingston (English)
Caterina Murino (Italian)
Claudia Black (Australian)
Gina Bellman (Kiwi)
Idina Menzel (American)
Laura Fraser (Scottish)
Minnie Driver (English)
Rhona Mitra (English)
Or Choose Your Own Alexia.

Now in the interest of full disclosure I should say that when I was originally coming up with the character of Alexia I very loosely based her appearance on Italian actress Sabrina Impacciator. Because I don’t even know if Sabrina speaks English let alone could do the correct British accent, I’m not giving her as an option. I have similar concerns about Idina and Caterina but I’m leaving them in anyway.

Interested in casting some of the other characters? There is a discussion on the subject on the facebook Parasol Protectorate group. Also you can pick your own cast for both Soulless and Changeless over on storycasting. I blog about it for My Book the Movie.

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  1. L. T. Host said:

    I nominate Lea Michele from Glee!! Definitely her. She looks a lot like Idina Menzel (who plays her mother on the show) but is in her early 20's, so she'd be more of the proper physical age.

  2. Ribesium said:

    The most "exotic" is Caterina Murino (and real Italian as well! <3), but after second thought I'd say Rhona Mitra. She looks younger than Gina Bellman (whom I also like, but hey, Alexia was only 26 at the beginning)and a bit fierce 😉 Makes a perfect choice!

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