Ketchup ~ I’m going to OryCon, SteamCon, and PoppyCock Land

Watch the Sky’s book club asks me five fun questions here’s a sample:

Can you conceive any way your book would work if the main character was male rather than female?
Another fascinating question, and yes. Alexia is rather masculine in some ways, especially for a Victorian female.

It’s official I’ve accepted invitations to be at both OryCon (Nov. 12-14) and Seattle’s SteamCon (Nov. 19-21). I hope to see many of you there and have updated the sightings section of my website accordingly.

I’m excited about this jaunt, I’ll be doing a fly by the Pacific Northwest during my book tour in September, but this second time around I intend to drive and really take in the countryside. I’ve not spend much time up north so I am really looking forward to it. Plus it is an opportunity to spend some time with friends I rarely see, so that too is a marvelous thing.

Yummy Man and Kick Ass Chicks says,

“Miss Alexia Tarabotti is charming to read. She is quite sassy – well, as sassy as a lady can be during Victorian times – and set in her ways. She’s comfortable with her station in life and doesn’t expect much to change. Her relationship with Lord Conall Maccon, Alpha werewolf, is really sweet.”


Quote of the Day:

“They say dandies don’t exercise…but I change my outfit several times a day!”

~ Prince Poppycock tweet


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