In Which Gail Subjects Changeless to the Page 69 Test (Behind the Magic of the Parasol Protectorate)

I did this for a guest blog a little while ago. Because of the lay out of Changeless I nabbed a few lines from page 68 otherwise you begin at the top of 69 orphaned in the middle of a paragraph.

This page is one of the moments of conversation designed to build the mystery that drives the story. Readers get a peek at Alexia’s personality and her relationship with the rest of the wolf pack. They also learn that her husband has vanished and that there is more than one problem for Alexia to handle. I do usually use dialogue for these kinds of scenes, so that is typical of both this book and my writing style. That said, I do believe that the rest of the book is a bit more action packed than page 69.

“And he did not take Tunstell with him.” Professor Lyall stated the obvious in clear annoyance, pointing to the redhead who was looking ever more guilty and ever more eager to continue chewing rather than participate in the conversation.
Lady Maccon worried at that information. Why should Conall take Tunstell? “Is he in danger? Shouldn’t you have gone with him, then?”
Lyall snorted. “Yes. Picture the state of his cravat without a valet to tie him in.” The Beta, always the height of understated elegance, winced in imagined horror.
Alexia privately agreed with this.
“Could not take me,” muttered the Tunstell in question. “Had to go in wolf form. Trains are down, what with the engineer’s strike. Not that I should mind going; my play’s finished its run, and I’ve never seen Scotland.” There was a note of petulance in his tone.
Hemming, one of the resident pack members, slapped Tunstell hard on the shoulder. “Respect,” he growled without looking up from his meal.
“Where, precisely, has my husband taken himself off to in Scotland?” Lady Maccon pressed for details.
“The southern part of the Highlands, as I understand it,” replied the Beta.
Alexia recovered her poise. What little she had. Which admittedly wasn’t generally considered much. The southern Highland area was the vicinity of Conall’s previous abode. She thought she understood at last. “I take it he found out about his former pack’s Alpha being killed?”
Now it was Major Channing’s turn to be surprised. The blond man practically spat out his mouthful of fritter. “How did you know that?”

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