Ivy Hisselpenny Character Study (Parasol Protectorate Special Extras)

Happy August, Gentle Reader. It’s going to be a busy month ending with . . . da da da dum . . . the Blameless release. I don’t know how many of you are following me on Twitter or Facebook, but if you are, you can look forward to some fun tweets I have scheduled. Even though I’ll be cavorting about in Oz for half the month, my trained net gremlins will be dropping little Blameless teasers starting 2 weeks or so before the book launches. I do apologize that I can’t also set it up jive with the blog, but I need to leave certain vital information in place here once the time comes, including a fun little FAQ.

Today is Ivy Hisselpenny’s Character Study Day! As usual, it is in a separate blog from the daily doss for website linking reasons.

Character Study: Miss Ivy Hisselpenny

“Ivy Hisselpenny was the unfortunate victim of circumstances that dictated that she be only-just-pretty, only-just-wealthy, and possessed of a terrible propensity for wearing extremely silly hats. This last being the facet of Ivy’s character that Alexia found most difficult to bear. In general she found Ivy a restful, congenial and, most importantly, willing partner in any excursion. In Alexia, Ivy had found a lady of understanding and intelligence, sometimes overly blunt for her own delicate sensibilities, but loyal and kind under even the most trying circumstances. Ivy had learned to find Alexia’s bluntness entertaining, and Alexia had learned one did not always have to look at one’s friend’s hats. Thus, each having discovered a means to overlook the most tiresome aspects of the other’s personality early on in their relationship, the two girls developed a fixed friendship to the mutual benefit of both.” ~ Soulless

“Miss Hisselpenny was a long way away, but there was no doubt it was her – no one else would dare to sport such a hat. It was a mind-numbing purple, trimmed in bright green, with three high feathers emerging from what looked to be an entire fruit basket arranged about the crown. Fake grapes spilled down and over one side, dangling almost to Ivy’s pert little chin.” ~ Changeless

“Alexia Tarabotti Maccon, how could you behave so wickedly! I just read the morning paper. You had my heart in my chest, you really did! Of course, I should never have believed such a thing in all my born days! Never! In fact, I do not believe a word of it now.” ~ Ivy, writing to Alexia, in Blameless

Original Notes
Black hair worn in copious ringlets
Dark eyes

Obsessed with hats

Frivolous but lots of fun
Similar age to Alexia but still feels like she “has a chance” on the marriage mart
Family may or may not have been connected to trade some generations back
Mother is very quiet and knits a lot

Here is a collection of images that remind me of Ivy.

Bonus Round
Ivy’s Hat: A Cocktail Invented for the Soulless Booklaunch Party
Blue Curacao & Grenadine & White Rum &
Soda & Lime & A Maraschino Cherry

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