WorldCon AussieCon4 Day 1 Friday

But first, thanks to everyone for going out and buying Blameless. It has made the New York Times Bestsellers list because of you!

Also, the following interview dropped recently:
Amber – Alexia has been involved in some very interesting paranormal adventures so far. How do you decide what to throw at her in each book?
Gail – Mostly I’m interested in revealing more and more about the world Alexia inhabits.

And now, finally, your convention report. WorldCon, Day 1.

Contrary to the program’s conviction on the subject, I, like many others, was not going to be there until Thursday night. Since there was no programming on Thursday night, as it turned out, I actually didn’t turn up at the convention until Friday. This was not, as some may have thought, intended as an insult, but a function of the fact that Thursday morning I was in Carins. And there are no flights out of Cairns until the afternoon. Trapped in Cairns!

What I wore:

My first event on Friday was my Kaffeeklatsche. While I have been to them before, this was my first time “on the other side” as it were. I had a full seating, a cup of tea, and a willingness to answer any questions thrown at me ~ which is apparently all that is required of one. (As a result Kaffeeklatsches are now my favorite thing to do at conventions.) Great and fateful secrets were revealed, but if you want to know what they were, you have to come to my next Kaffeeklatsche.

After that, I dashed off and caught a taxi (with an unbelievably rude driver) to some obscure part of Melbourne for a 2PM radio interview. Taxi back and a quick check in before I had to dash back to my hotel for Tea With Ruby.

Now before you think that is some excellent title for a new short story, Ruby in a young friend of mine who I’d (you guessed it) arrange to have tea with. It was a most enjoyable occasion, the company was excellent, the tea unexpectedly robust, and the selection of pettiefours delicious.

Back to the convention and then out to dinner, after which I made my way over the The Hotel (you know the one with The Bar ~ there’s always one at a convention) for a mini tweetup whith those fans in Melbourne who weren’t attending the convention. Finally had a bit of chance to get caught up with Pete (AKA New York Times Bestselling Author Peter V. Brett). Yeah gossip! Ended up with the Phrannish in Pete’s room admiring his amazing view and disgruntled over my own choice of hotel.

Your moment of parasol . . .

Gail’s Daily Dose
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Love and want!
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Fantastic females.
Your Writerly Tinctures:
A mathematical approach to ebook pricing

Katrina says, “Her debut novel is extraordinarily well-written, tightly plotted, and humorous.”
SPOILER ALERT! From one who liked Changeless better than Soulless, “In fact, by the time Alexia was beating the everloving bejeezus out of a petulant werewolf soldier, I was pretty much in love with this book and thinking myself a proud tea-drinking member of Team Alexia (and Team Akeldama for the win!).”
Even bigger SPOILER ALERT! Really, DON’T READ THE BLURB ON AMAZON if you haven’t read the other books first. Charlaine Harris on Blameless, I’ve enjoyed Gail Carriger’s books about Alexia Tarrabotti, the soulless woman who marries a Scottish werewolf. This third book, Blameless, sees Alexia outcast and in disgrace as far as society is concerned, since she is pregnant. (In Carriger’s steampunk Victorian Britain, werewolves cannot engender children.) Even Alexia’s husband, Lord Maccon, does not believe her protestations of innocence. But Alexia is of keen interest to the Templars, who have dark designs on her baby, and her trip through Europe is fraught with danger. As usual, Alexia never gives up and never fails in her manners, and it’s no surprise that Lord Maccon realizes she could never be faithless. This is as much fun as the previous two books.”

Quote of the Day:
“I hate and love –
and if you ask me why
I have no answer, but I discern,
can feel, my senses rooted in eternal torture.
~ Catullus


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