WorldCon AussieCon4 Day 3 Sunday ~ Final Report

But first, the usual minutia.

I have neglected to mention three things.
First, Soulless, Changeless, and Blameless have now been released in the UK. The internal text is basically the same as the US editions (sadly no translation to the Queen’s English) but the size is different. The books aren’t trade size, but they are bigger than MM in that in-between size you often find European YA.
Second, Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded is soon to be released and is up for pre-order. I have a nonfiction piece in it, and (I think) a photograph.
Last, The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2 has it’s release date of October 2, and is up for pre-order. I have a humorous contemporary short story in it. I hope you enjoy this taste of me in a slightly different writing style.

And now, back to WorldCon AussieCon4 Day 3 Sunday: Final Report

What I wore:

Sunday began with my reading. Strangely enough people actually turned up to hear me read. This is something that mildly mystifies me, after all, I always figure they can read it themseleves, why should I? But it seemed to go over very well.

Then I had a lovely meal with my publisher. (I’ve now been an honest-to-goodness published author for almost a year. But it still feels odd to write that sentence.) Great and fateful things might have been discussed, but it’s me, so mostly we gossiped.

I put in an appearance at the Hugo rehearsal, and then dashed off to make myself presentable for the ceremony. Took my mother as my date to the reception (poor thing, she’s never sure what to make of fandom). Chatted mainly with a very nice crime fiction writer, who was interloping in our midst due to the free drinks. Gotta respect that.

What I wore.

Off to the ceremony. I didn’t win the Campbell, but I’m really unperturbed by it. Honestly, I never expected Soulless to go anywhere or do anything, being as it’s comedy, so the nomination was so much of a surprise I’m still not over it. And, as I said, my hair looked amazing. Who can complain about anything if one’s hair is in perfect order? I also got to wear this vintage dress I’ve been dying to trot out for ages. And, afterward, I got to go to the Hugo Losers Party! I even got a loser’s sticker from George RR himself. Who could ask for more than that out of life?

The Losers Party was not what 15 years of fangirl dreams had thought it would be. Perhaps it’s because there generally seemed to be party difficulties at this particular WorldCon, or perhaps it’s always been this way and I just didn’t know that.

What did you expect, Gail?

Oh, I don’t know. Great literary luminaries fencing with candlesticks? Editors playing strip poker? Bob Silverburg doing a table dance?
Anyway, the nibbles were excellent. There was far too much sugary goodness, of which I ate far too much for my own good. Better, I got to meet both Carrie Vaughn and China Mieville. Carrie, from whom I had ruthlessly stolen the term “urbane fantasy” was gracious despite my misappropriation of her literary genius. And China wears tentacles in his ear. Need I say more?
China had just co-won the Hugo with Paolo. Mur and I were campaigning for mud wrestling to settle the matter. China said he’s game. (Gail turns to look hopefully in Paolo’s direction.) If you ask me, that’s exactly what most award ceremonies need to liven them up a bit: mud wrestling. They should settle the Oscars that way.

The evening ended with the young lions out about the town celebrating China’s win, and his birthday, with enough booze, hilarity, and rambunctious conversation to make what little dignity I have left demand I stop typing in order to protect the guilty. Though I lost possession of my camera at some point that evening, so there may be pictures out there.

World Con Tally

  • Pairs of shoes worn: 5
  • Blisters: 0 (I think I’ve finally cracked the code!)
  • Outfits worn: 4
  • Outfits packed: 7
  • Pork buns consumed: 1
  • Amazing hairdos: 1
  • Number of tentacles in China’s ear: 8?
  • Deserts inhaled at Losers Party: 5
  • Where do you get your ideas?: 2
  • Spontaneous kidnapping: 1

Your moment of parasol . . .

Myself, Without the Shell says,

“I laughed out loud several times, and couldn’t put the book down.”

 I read good says,

“Gail Carriger catapults you right back into Alexia’s world, with her quirky writing and pithy dialogue. Alexia remains an unparalleled protagonist – brusque, intelligent, unfashionably frank (though slightly more fashionable in terms of wardrobe, thanks to her new maid Angelique) – and she’s joined by a wonderful group of supporting characters, including a couple new faces. We also get some back story on her husband, thanks to the trip to Scotland. This is a fantastic development for readers who want to learn a small part of Lord Maccon’s 200+ year history, and gives the character a lot more depth and gravitas.”

 Cem says,

“I just love the writing style for these books. It’s short and sharp, bringing together the manners and customs of Victorian England with vampires and werewolves and plenty of action. It’s got plenty more laugh out loud moments but still holds a serious edge at times.”

Quote of the Day:

“Truth maybe stranger than fiction, but fiction is truer.”

~ Frederic Raphael


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