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A quick PSA, Gentle Reader, since in the grand tradition of the universe several lovely people have asked me the same question recently. Now, it’s not that I condone such behavior in any way, at all, ever but. . . Let us say, for example, that you live on an alien planet and have had to obtain my books in electronic version via a less than savory means because you cannot get it any other way and yet are feeling guilty. “Miss Gail,” you ask, eyes wide, “I should still like to pay the author. Do you have a tip jar or paypal?” Here is my reply: I have had certain unpleasant experiences with paypal/ebay in the past and so do not use these services. However, I am a big podcasting fan and do not donate to them as much as I would like. If you listen to podcasts as well as read ebooks (and often the two go hand in hand) might I suggest you tip a podcaster instead of me? J Daniel Sawyer is a particular friend of mine who has been very helpful (see the acknowledgements and certain other elements of Book 3). Chris Lester of the Metamor City podcast is also a dear and supportive friend. Also, both of them are excellent authors, you should give their fiction a listen ~ it’s free. Numerous non-fiction podcasts have gone out of their way to interview me and be supportive (I Should Be Writing has done it 2x!). So, I say, spread the love.

Speaking of which I’m on Dan’s latest Dealing In episode. And a little drunk.

A good deal more on NY ComicCon and the Parasol Protectorate via [info]steamfashion

Lastly, I’ve put two deleted scenes from Blameless up on my website near the bottom of the page. One where Floote talks about Alessandro Tarabotti and another where Alexia contemplates how marriage is like kidnapping.

Your moment of parasol . . .

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