Today, Fashion Talk ~ Hats & Muffs, Oh My!

I have lamented, or bragged, depending on how you look at it, Gentle Reader, about my shoe collecting abilities.

But I admit to also having a bit of a hat and glove habit. (They are so small and take up such little space, you see?) To date I have only owned one muff, which I made for myself to match a particular Victorian outfit. However, I was recently doing some research for Heartless and discovered that the wrist muff came into brief fashion in 1874. How cute is that idea? Only a few days later I encountered a wrist muff at a thrift store. How could I resist buying it?

There was a matching stole that I considered purchasing but resisted due to price. Not certain if I will regret this or not. But really, when has one ever looked at an outfit and thought, “Hum, what this needs is a brown fur stole”? Then again, who else but me would consider a wrist muff a necessary purchase?

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) there was also a big black puffy full-sized muff that was in perfect condition and looked like it started life as a very fat tribble. Again, I could not let such a gem escape my clutches. Goodness knows when I will use such a beastie, but it’s so cute.

(Because I, like many women I know, cannot resist a well styled muff. Ah cha cha.)

Lastly, I hit an unexpected hat sale and scooped up the following for a song . . .

You will see a few of these at OryCon, as I love wearing recent purchases.

Recent chat with the AB who wanted to know if I could suggest street style blogs that included men. Since he asked, I thought you, Gentle Reader, might also be interested. So I offer you . . .

Quote of the Day:
The European starling was introduced to New York “because someone thought the city would be more cultured if Central park were home to each bird mentioned in Shakespeare.”
~ from Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us

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