Powell’s Signing, Reading, Q&A

Monday night, Gentle Reader, after the long haul of a weekend convention I gussied myself up for my own private signing.

Not unsurprisingly it was a relatively quiet event, but it is strangely restful to be in the land of my own fans, as it were. I read a little bit and then mostly answered questions. Had a lovely time and collected more tribute including crocheted tea cakes (!!!), an octopus game, a beautiful little octopus and parasol card, an Edwardian button pull, and much more.

What I wore . . .

This is one of my oldest vintage pieces. It’s a 1940’s velvet suit that looks far better in person than it photographs. I bought it in England 12 years ago and have lugged it all over the world with me. Luckily it still fits, but only just. It’s very warm so I don’t wear it often but I was delighted I brought it to Portland with me, because really, warmth is the way to go here.

Candace’s Report on Powell’s Authorfest.

Some more fan sketches of characters.

The Parasol Protectorate Week over at Steampunkery! I am honored. Includes:

I’m rather knackered, it was a brutal slog driving back home and now it’s Thanksgiving. Hopefully, I’ll be back online next week with my normal regularity, but it may take me a bit longer than that to recover. All apologies for the delay. On the bright side it’s giving me an opportunity to collect photos from SteamCon. I’m sorry to say this last run has taught me my limits and I’ll be cutting back drastically on conventions and signings next year. I’ll let you know who’s getting the axe in a month or so.

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The Steampunk Starwars Article from the Steampunk Scholar.
Your Writerly Tinctures:
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The Bookkeeper (I wanna keep books! I wanna keep em and not let them go!) says,

“I very much enjoyed reading Soulless and will definitely continue with that series. If you like the paranormal, romance (not too explicit), an element of humour and a lot of entertainment, get it!”

Quote of the Day:
“Use your imagination. Trust me, your lives are not interesting. Don’t write them down.”
~ W. B. Kinsella


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