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My dear Gentle Reader, I won’t be doing a breakdown of my SteamCon outfits (too many parts) but there are pictures, around the web. Also, I am consolidating all three days into one post (plus the two day drive back), mostly because they have all run together in my head.

However, I do recall that Friday night I wore the, now slightly infamous, spoon corset outfit, paired with my new cargo belt, and a made-over straw hat. Thusly attired, I attended the Airship Awards Banquet alone and without an escort, where I lost the award (to Alan Moore, what can I say?) and nibbled delicious delicacies at the Lovely Cherie Priest’s table. Yes, it was undoubtedly Her Table. After that, I drank champagne (like Lord Akeldama, I do so love the bubbly, although I like strawberries in mine, not blood) and then met The Boys in The Bar.

Part of the reason I remember so little of this particular convention, I suspect, is that I spent far too much time with The Boys in The Bar.

Next day I wore a dress that may, or may not be familiar.

The daylight hours were spent dashing (and shivering) from one hotel to the other participating in numerous panels. Yes, I recall I promised I would post the Victorian Resources List. I’ll do a separate blog soon on the subject.

Because this was my day of appearances, there are the most photos of me in the teal outfit floating about the web. Including the rather exciting one that proves Cherie and I are not, in fact, the same person. Although it could, of course, have been photo-shopped.

Sunday was a slow one, and I wore an autumn inspired outfit, because I somehow knew I’d be hanging out with Goths most of the day. (You see my crafty plan?)

The next morning we awoke to a winter wonderland. So perhaps my outfit had tempted fate.

Which, while lovely, engendered not a little panic and resulted in a truck rear-ending me and a slightly terrifying drive to Portland, and then home. Although the Pacific Northwest clearly wanted to keep us, we made it through the mountain pass without using the chains I had purchased.

And I have never been so glad to come back to California in all my days. I promise not to leave for months and months, six to be precise. My lovely home state where there are no crazy snow drivers and evil weather trolls.

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Quote of the Day:
“Many modern novels have a beginning, a muddle and an end.”
~ Philip Larkin

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