The German Editions of the Parasol Protectorate

German Editions

So those of you who belong to the Parasol Protectorate Facebook group (or are active on twitter) will already know that the German Editions have hit the web. I would like it known, up front, that I have never had a single conversation with editor or translator from Blanvalet. Several of you have been kind enough to contact me with concern and/or outrage, please don’t fret. Everything will be alright.

These editions have different titles and covers (like the audiobook) from the American/British editions. This does make me a little sad for my German readership. For as many of you (my brilliant fans) have guessed, the titles are also hints/cookies as to the meat of the story in each book, and link to the greater story arc.

Soulless ~ Glühende Nacht ~ Glowing Night (or something like)
Changeless ~ Entflammte Nacht ~ Ignited Night/Night in Flames (or something like)
Blameless ~ Brennende Nacht ~ Burning Night (or something like)

There are many possible explanations for this alteration. The first covers might have been too expensive or too steampunky, the titles might mean something different in German, or have already been used by a German popular TV show, or be excessively boring. (However, they may find that the title they chose for Blameless, is better suited to Heartless ~ yes, that is a Big Fat Hint.) I will say, the author in me loves how big my name is on the cover, this makes me feel all important and stuff. I also like the color pallet. (Is this the point where I say, the original title for Soulless was Without a Soul?)

But really, this is me, so it’s the fashion that gets me ~ cut to the quick of my stiletto-wearing little heart. Goth-girl Panda-ear hair, a sleeveless black tutu dress with Shakespearian collar, and exterior corset? Alexia would have the vapors. Let’s not even think about what Lord Akeldama might do if faced with such a monstrosity. Oooooo, maybe I should have Ivy wear something like it in the next book . . . an author’s only revenge, evisceration in print. (Yes, Knight’s Tale quote, very good.)

I’m curious, what are your thoughts on the matter?



That means they can’t give your book its US/UK directly translated title because it’s usually already being used! (OK it’s more complicated than that and wrapped up in translator attribution, royalty share, and specifically time frames but basically…)

This explains so much and I can’t believe no one told me decades ago.

Mind blown.

In other news: Guess what I did all weekend? Yeah, edits. I finished my latest draft of Heartless at around 3 AM last night, and it should all be clean sailing from here. Glamorous life of an author. So, we will get on to the German Editions, but first . . .


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Quote of the Day:
Entflammte Nacht? That sounds like an Akeldama spin-off series.”
~ One of the Betas
(Ha! Flaming Night indeed. You can see, Gentle Reader, where the Parasol Protectorate gets its sense of humor.)

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  1. evi said:

    Although German is my first language, I have read all three books in english and I adored them!
    I do absolutely not understand why they changed the titles for the German Edition, and I do not like them, they don´t make sense and do not match the books.

    As to the covers: OMG! This is so not Alexia!

    On the other hand I am really glad that the books were translated, so that other readers, which are not able to read in English, can enjoy them, too. I highly recommend the titles on my book-blog (in german language, sorry), and I guess I will read the first book in german, only to see if they did translate it well, because I totally love your writing style!

    Greetings from Vienna, Austria!

  2. BlackEyedDog said:

    I'm German, but I already read Soulless and Changeless in English and I'm going to proceed so too with Blameless and your other books, to which I'm really looking forward to btw =)

    Personally I think that the German covers are oookay (not very nice but good enough so that you eyes don't pop out of their sockets because of unbearable repulsiveness) but the titles are not really acceptable to say the least.
    It's not like that it wouldn't be possible to translate your titles properly with keeping the hints intact….apart from Changeless, which is a problem (maybe that was the reason for the different titles?? o_O)

    Soulless – Seelenlos
    Changeless –
    Blameless – Schuldlos
    Heartless – Herzlos
    Timeless – Zeitlos

    I will probably have a look at the German editions…I want to check if the funny and witty dialogues have been ruined by the translater (Yupp…I'm curious)…which would be quite a shame actually but it already happend to a couple of books I would normally have recommented to all my friends and my family.


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